Rigetta Klint

HÅNDværk – bookazine NO. 1

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine indeholder historier fra en perlerække af dygtige, dedikerede håndværkere, kunsthåndværkere, designere og formidlere.

HÅNDværk bookazine handler om håndarbejde, håndværk, kunsthåndværk og design.
HÅNDværk bookazine har skandinavisk perspektiv og globalt udsyn.

Indhold: interview, reportage og inspiration
Format: bookazine uden annoncer, halvårlig publikation
Sprog: dansk og engelsk (i samme publikation)
Sideantal: 150
Forfatter og fotograf: Rigetta Klint

Håndværk bookazine koster 170 DKK.

The HÅNDVÆRK bookazine invites you to meet a wide range of talented, dedicated craftspeople, artisans, makers and communicators. HÅNDværk bookazine is about needlework, craft, arts & crafts and design.
HÅNDværk takes a Scandinavian perspective with a global view.

Contents: interviews, feature articles, inspiration
Format: biannual advertising-free bookazine
Languages: Danish and English
Size: 150 pages

Publication date: vol. 1, no 1 was released on 31 October 2019 with the theme ‘at the table with crafts’.

In no 1, Rigetta Klint speaks with gallery owners, craft makers, industrial designers and architects, including Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm, who oversaw the renovation of the beach hotel Svinkløv Badehotel, Anders Petersen and Kari Svarre from A Petersen and Josephine Akvama Hoffmeyer, who is the driving force behind FILE under POP. Josephine has designed five colour cards exclusively for the readers of HÅNDVÆRKbookazine. No. 1 also brings you interviews with an oyster fisherman, the owner of a micro-cheese dairy, a lemon grower and a ceramicist.

HÅNDVÆRK bookazine also contains still life photos of mainly Scandinavian craft and design products.

Price: 170,- DKK