“14. august”- exhibition 2018

18. August 2018
Experience, among other things, the multicolored dish by ceramist Ole Jensen in the exhibition of this year's purchase by "14. august"

Congratulations to Danish weaver Anne Mette Larsen, who has just received “14. AUGUST – the Association for Crafts and Design”-Arts and Crafts Grant on 25,000 DKK. The grant was awarded for her project “Midtjyske Tæpper” in which stories, shapes and colors from the home region of Anne Mette Larsen are woven together in 9 blankets.

At Kløvermarksvej 70, you can see the association’s purchase of works in the past year. The works are on display until Thursday 30. August. Experience, among other things, ceramist Ole Jensen’s multicolored dish, a kimono with wild flowers printed by textile designer Laura Barüel, bookbinding by Iben Andersen and jewelry by AddOneJewelry, Mette Vivelsted and Jytte Kløve.

In the year of 2017/18 the association has bought works by designers and artisans Ole Jensen, Marianne Nielsen, Baltic Sea Glass, Lone Skov Madsen, Iben Andersen, Jytte Kløve, Mette Vivelsted, G. William Bell, Malene Kastalje, Mette Marie Ørsted, Anne Mette Larsen, Jane Holmberg Andersen, Laura Barüel, Jan Machenhauer/Margrethe Odgaard, Pia Jensen, Lise Bjerre Schmidt, Sofie Trier Mørk, Berthe Forchhammer, Maj Winther Christensen, Sally Xenia and AddOneJewelry.

“14. AUGUST – the Association for Crafts and Design” has existed since 1965 with the purpose of supporting Danish arts and crafts and design. For members’ contingent a number of works are purchased every year, and distributed to members of the association. The grant was provided this year by The Ellen and Knud Dalhoff Larsen Foundation.

If you want to know more about “14th AUGUST – the Association for Crafts and Design”  and possibly sign up for a membership, click here.