’14. AUGUST’- exhibition 2019

5. August 2019
Experience, among other things, Trine Drivsholms 'Botanic Structures' in the exhibition of this year's purchase by '14. AUGUST'

At Kløvermarksvej 70, you can see the association ’14. AUGUST – foreningen for kunsthåndværk og design’s purchase of works in the past year. The works are on display from Friday August 16 through Friday 30. August. Experience, among other things, ceramicist Karen Bennikes work ‘Grøn Multi X, 2018’


On this page you also see Trine Drivsholms ‘Botanic Structure’ (top), along with Michala Eken’s silver bracelet ‘Come Together’.

In the year 2018/19 the association has bought works by designers and artisans Rasmus Fenhann, Karen Bennicke, Trine Drivsholm, Claydies, Louise Sidelmann, Hanna Munch Christensen, Grethe Wittrock, Marie Rimmen, Maria-Louise Grau, Ane-Katrine von Bülow, Pernille Snedker Hansen, Birgit Daa Birkkjær, Karen Fly, Michala Eken, Anders Raad, Bente Hansen, Maria-Louise Grau, Metha Stuart Wallace and Helle Kjær.

Photos: Ole Larsen og Per Johansen

’14th AUGUST – the Association for Crafts and Design’ has existed since 1965 with the purpose of supporting Danish arts and crafts and design. For members’ contingent a number of works are purchased every year, and distributed to members of the association.

If you want to know more about ’14th AUGUST – the Association for Crafts and Design’  and possibly sign up for a membership, click here.