HIBITO tableware by Cecilie Manz

10. December 2019
The new collection of tableware HIBITO, designed by Cecilie Manz, is now available in our shop at Kløvermarksvej 70.

In collaboration with the Japanese design company ACTUS, Danish designer Cecilie Manz, has developed a new series of tableware. It is named HIBITO and includes cutlery, glass and porcelain.

The HIBITO collection parts are made in exquisite Japanese quality and craftsmanship in a simple yet highly functional design. It is a tableware that celebrates everyday life and which at the same time works nicely in a festive event.

We have just received first shipment of the HIBITO collection from Japan and you are most welcome to stop by and check it out.

More information and prices: https://apetersen.dk/da/shop/hibito-service/