About us

Welcome to A. Petersen

At our location in Copenhagen you experience all aspects of design and artisan craft in our boutique, exhibitions, and workshops. We also carry our own AP. Serien furniture line produced with respect to the old guilds and designed by some of the most skilled and contemporary Danish architects and designers.

At A. Petersen Collection & Craft we cherish the tradition of the close relationship between the architect, the craftsman’s work, and the production. In our workshops we cultivate traditional techniques in new designs, while also integrating modern technologies. Functional and poetic simplicity is the essential paradigm of the aesthetics.


Peter Leth working on the cabinet designed by Knud Holscher
Roller cabinet in Oregon pine, Knud Holscher

We are led by our curiosity and constantly challenge our perception of shape, color, material, and functionality. This is at the core in AP. Serien as well as in the boutique selection and in the exhibitions.

The upstairs exhibition space at Kløvermarksvej 70

We wish to make a difference bringing the passion for Danish craft tradition with us into solid future designs. We refine the conception of “Danish Design” and tell the story where the narrative of subtle aesthetics is spoken with respect to material and production.