About us

Welcome to A. Petersen

In our gallery you can experience all aspects of arts, crafts and design in exhibitions, in our shop and in the workshops.

A. Petersen opened November 1st 2014 in Kløvermarksvej 70 in Amager, Copenhagen. We started out selling vintage Danish design furniture pieces and our passion for the Danish craft tradition is continued in our workshops and in our furniture line, The AP. Series.

With the Danish design tradition as our starting point, we have evolved and expanded our ambition to keep learning from history, focus on good collaborations between different professions and show the best products made by the most skilled professionals. This ambition guides the workshops, the shop selection and our exhibitions.

Different themes of the exhibitions are explored through events and talks, where we share our curiosity and follow the thread of history up to the present day.

At A. Petersen you experience good craftsmanship up close. In our gallery the joint efforts of the best designers, architects and craftsmen becomes tangible and visible. With us, new furniture is created and older pieces are restored and revitalized.

Cabinetmaker Peter Leth
Upholster Ümit Yilmaz