Anders Lunderskov and the play with trays

16. November 2018
Danish designer and cabinetmaker Anders Lunderskov shows a wide range of trays at Kløvermarksvej 70

Despite the name “Curve”, the new tray starts completely flat (the picture above). First step is to assemble the parts for the curved shape, which is now being launched in 2 sizes in the shop at Kløvermarksvej 70.

It is not difficult – and it gives a nice feel of wood as a vibrant and flexible material, and bends with the right design and professional understanding.

“Curve” is shaped by designer and cabinetmaker Anders Lunderskov (born 1961) who has lived and worked in Milan since 1986. He was trained at A.J. Iversen, one of the most prestigious cabinetmaker workshops in Denmark.

After getting his apprenticeship, he travelled south and finally landed in Milan, from where he developed his own niche within the more exclusive part of the cabinetmaking. He works with everything from interiors, public spaces as well as private homes, to furniture, toys and accessories.


To a great extent, the tray and the serving dish have had his attention. This has resulted in a long line of whimsical works in beautifully processed wood, which among others the fashion house Prada has purchased on a large scale.

Through January 2019, we present the unique Anders Lunderskov universe in a row of frames, in which trays and dishes are disassembled, exposing construction, concept and the fine craftsmanship. This also applies to “Curve”, which can be seen in flat as well as curved shape.