Eelgrass from Møn

20. December 2019
In a short film on the potentials of eelgrass, you also see the upholstery process of the Modul furniture from the AP Serien, designed by Chris L. Halstrøm.


In collaboration with Chris L. Halstrøm, designer of the Modul furniture, A. Petersen has experimented with eelgrass as upholstery material. The Modul is thus available with cushions consisting of compressed eelgrass.

Photographer and film producer Niels Vestergaard, has on the occasion of UNESCO’s appointment of Møn and the surrounding islands and water areas as ‘biosphere’, produced a short film about the many potentials of eelgrass material. You can watch it above.


Harvesting of eelgrass was previously a lucrative secondary occupation for the local farmers on the islands of fx Mon, Lolland and Falster. The eelgrass was sold for use as insulation material in houses and for mattress filling. Today, the harvesting of seaweed has been resumed by among others Kurt Schierup, who continuously supplies the dried material to us on Kløvermarksvej. Here Lærke is responsible for the further process of pressing and manufacturing of the seat cushions for the Chris L. Halstrøm-Modul furniture.