14. August – The Association for Crafts and Design

28. July 2017
We host the annual exhibition showing the association's acquisitions of Danish crafts and design

The works of crafts and designs are of particular high karate when “14. August – The Association for Crafts and Design” shows the purchased works of the year. Since its founding in 1965, the art association has aimed at supporting traditional craftsmanship, ceramics, glass, jewelry, clothing and textiles.

This year, A. Petersen hosts the exhibition of the acquired unique works, which this time also includes the furniture designer Ole Schjøll’s stool produced by A. Petersen. Along with the opening of the exhibition, Akiko Kuwahata and Ken Winther received the year’s craft prize, donated by Martha and Paul Kerrn-Jespersen Foundation.

The exhibition is open until August 27th.


The exhibited artisans and designers are:

Hans and Birgitte Börjeson
Ole Schjøll
Malene Müllertz
Lotte Westphael
Charlotte Schrøder
Malene Lerager
Bjørli Lundin
Maria Sparre-Petersen
Maj-Britt Zelmer Olsen
Pernille Mouritzen
Christina Hellevik


Iben Høj
Janne K. Hansen
Puk la Cour – Tine Dwinger
Marianne Krumbak
Karina Noyons
Gurli Elbækgaard
Jan Machenhauer
Akiko Kuwahata

You can read more about “14. August – The Association for Crafts and Design” here and sign up for a membership of the association here .