Previous events

1. August 2020 In balance – a workshop

Find the balance in wood and paper! Create a wooden sculpture and build a mobile in paper, inspired by the works of Leise Dich Abrahamsen, by Teis Dich Abrahamsen’s balltracks, the OPTUR-movements, lines and colours. You will of course get your mobile home.

Architects Julie Dufour and Charlotte Carstensen from ‘All about A’ will guide you through the workshop on Saturday, August 1st, between 11AM – 2PM, here at Kløvermarksvej 70.

For the whole family, no prior registration is required. Free access with entrance ticket or annual pass to the exhibition (free access for children upon to 16 years)

The project is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and created in collaboration with ‘Børnekulturhus Ama’r’.

12. July 2020 Meet Leise and Teis in the exhibition

You can dive into the exhibition OPTUR, when Leise and Teis Dich Abrahamsen invite to an informal talk about their work with the exhibition, and their work with colours, shapes and ball tracks. You can meet them both on Sunday, July 12th at 12 noon – 2PM.

For participation you can show your annual pass or buy a ticket for the exhibition. It does not cost extra or require registration to join the informal talk.

We have lots of space in the exhibition and we ensure, that there will not be more visitors gathered than permitted. And we ask all our visitors to take care, considering each other and to follow the general guidelines in force.

8. March 2020 Embroidery workshop

Do you want to grapple with embroidery, or maybe you are already into needle and thread and would like to take part in the creation of an embroidered work? Then read on here.

In collaboration with the Trapholt Museum, textile designer Iben Høj, has launched the ‘Borderless Sting’ project. At the Reunification in 1920, embroidery became important as a national symbol-creating activity. Today – 100 years later – the embroidery is experiencing a renaissance with enthusiasts in all ages. Iben Høj’s idea is to create a work with contributions from embroidering citizens who, in workshops across the country, give their reflections on and interpretations of boundaries we experience in life.

A. Petersen hosts one of these workshops. It takes place on Sunday, March 8, from 1 to 4PM. The workshop offers a brief introduction to the project and, of course, plenty of time for embroidery and fun. Materials will be provided for the embroidery workshop on the day. To participate, you must already have an A. Petersen Annual pass or buy one. There is a limited number of seats and registration is required. Signing up:

During the spring of 2020, Iben Høj will gather all the contributions in a large work entitled Borderless Sting. And all participants will be invited to the opening in mid-May at Trapholt, where the work will be exhibited through end of October 2020.

17. January 2020 Book release

You can almost smell the wood and hear the sound of the wood shavings swirling around the workshop in the brand new book ‘Rodfæstet – Møbelhåndværk fra Rud. Rasmussen’s Snedkerier’. The book will be launched Friday, January 17th, from 3 PM to 6 PM here at Kløvermarksvej, and on the occasion you are invited to reception.

Design writer Thomas Dickson and master cabinetmaker Jørgen Rasmussen gives a warn portrait of the furniture company which operated for 142 years at the same address.

The desire to document an important chapter in the Danish furniture cabinetmaker history originally started the book project, well backed by lots of pictures taken by photographer Kim Ahm at the workshop at Nørrebrogade.

Rud. Rasmussen’s Snedkerier in particular produced furniture by Kaare Klint and Mogens Koch. In addition, the workshop was responsible for a number of specialized interior projects and tasks for companies and individuals, in Denmark and abroad.

The quality craftsmanship that characterized the company was created in close collaboration with the best architects, cabinetmakers, apprentices, seamstress and upholsters. Quality and carefullness are put under pressure these days. The book tells the story about a company that insisted on being a workshop and not industry.

We serve a glass of wine and offer a special price on the book of DKK 200 (normal price DKK 300) on the occasion.

The 136 pages-book is richly illustrated.

5. December 2019 Opening: OPTUR

Save the date, Thursday December 5th, between 5-7PM, as we invite you for the opening of our next exhibition ‘OPTUR’ with drinks from Copenhagen Distillery and jazz with Jan Harbeck Live Jive Jungle.

In OPTUR, the cabinetmaker Teis Dich Abrahamsen and the designer Leise Dich Abrahamsen have constructed bespoke complex ball tracks and created big new works of art characterized by an interplay of colours and form and with a shared focus on the quirky and the surprising with an abundance of sensory exuberance

3. November 2019 Finissage and Gitte Jungersen talk

We invite you to a festive ‘finissage’ of our exhibitions on the first floor, focusing on ceramics: ‘Manpower’ and ‘Gitte Jungersen’. We do this on Sunday, November 3rd from 2pm to 3PM with a talk on ceramics and a glass of wine / water.

Gitte Jungersen will elaborate on her thoughts on ceramic tradition and breakthroughs based on her works in the exhibition. It will be a talk about voluminous glazes, often in dramatic colours, reminding of everything from natural phenomena such as lava, clay and stone to the culture’s waste products in glossy surfaces and scatter colours.

Gitte graduated from the Danish School of Design (KADK) in 1993 and her focus lies in an experimental and boundary-seeking approach to the ceramic materials and processes. With glaze samples and works from the exhibition, you will also gain insight into Gitte’s many years of experience with the marvelous chemical compounds and burning techniques.

Come and join the ‘finissage’ and help make a fantastic ending on the ceramics exhibitions. Registration is not required.

31. October 2019 Launch of Rigetta Klint’s ‘bookazine’ HÅNDværk, vol. 1

The pleasures of the table – the edible as well as what it is served on – are the focus of Rigetta Klint’s new book-magazine HÅNDværk. vol. 1. Rigetta calls the new format for ‘bookazine’, and on Thursday October 31, between 4.30 and 6.30, you are welcome to the launch of the publication at A. Petersen on Kløvermarksvej 70.

The bookazine is rich on good stories and beautiful pictures. One of the stories is about the pottery trend in restaurants.

Because Kadeau does it. And Noma. And many other of the Danish, as well as international, gourmet restaurants. Use handmade pottery rather than industrial-made porcelain for the exquisite servings. This has caused busyness for a number of ceramicists, who now are fully occupied at the turntables. Among others the ceramic couple Susanne and Torben Lov, who live in Listed on the island Bornholm in the Baltic sea. They can barely keep up with the demand and have long waiting lists for private customers as well.

In continuation of Rigetta’s 2018-book HÅNDværk, she also zooms in on the beautiful and poetic in the details of life in the bookazine’s 12 stories, making vivid portraits of passionate artisans, craftsmen and niche-producers. This time with the headline ‘At the table with håndværk’ in which you hear about ‘crowd-farming’ of lemons, a biodynamic farm and designer Chris L. Halstrøm, who talks about the re-design of Danish iconic Svinkløv Badehotel.

HÅNDværk vol. 1 costs 170, – and can be purchased in the shop on Kløvermarksvej 70 fra October 31st.

3. October 2019 The glazes of Gitte Jungersen

On Thursday October 3 at 5-7PM we open the doors for a presentation of Gitte Jungersen’s very special ceramic universe in the room far back on the exhibition floor.

It melts, boils, bubbles, and cracks in Jungersen’s ceramic, or perhaps more precisely, glaze works. Because for Jungersen the glaze is the focal point.

She mixes her own glazes from scratch and experiments with the chemical properties of different minerals. The glaze has a high sensitivity to heating and cooling and results in intense and unpredictable outcomes.

In her works, the glaze flows voluminously – often in dramatic colors. It is a kind of frozen moment in which it is difficult to decide whether something is decomposed or perhaps rather created. The alternating structures of the surfaces reminds of everything from natural phenomena such as lava, clay and stones to the culture’s waste products in glossy surfaces and scatter colors.

The exhibition is on display until Sunday, November 3rd.

4. September 2019 Opening: Exit 2019 KADK Bornholm

Welcome to the opening of the KADK Bornholm, BA graduation exhibition ‘Exit 19’ on Wednesday, September 4, at 5-7PM:

The graduates explain about ‘Exit 19’:

“The exhibition shows 13 bachelor projects in glass and ceramics from the program ‘Arts and Crafts – Glass and Ceramics’. The design education in crafts, located in Nexø, is considered to be a unique education, in which the craft, the business model as well as the development of new knowledge to the subject are in focus. As graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Bornholm, we want to show a diversity of themes and expressions with the exhibition ‘Exit 19’. We want to communicate our approach to a contemporary personal expression based on the many opportunities that a material-based framework can contribute in a socially relevant context. The works deal with, among other things, the narrative story, debating societal issues, aesthetics in a surface, the image as work, figure, object and sculpture. The premise of this exhibition has been an independent 12 weeks-project, where we as students have chosen to challenge our materials in relation to a selected specialization and a personal artistic language / expression in crafts.”

The exhibition can be viewed through Sunday, September 29.

16. August 2019 Eva and Shozo

The day after the opening of the exhibition ‘Manpower’, the exhibition’s work #65 will be created in the most beautiful accompaniment: Violinist Eva Boulekbache Vasarhelyi will be playing excerpts from Johann Sebastian Bach’s works for solo violin from 1720, while ceramicist Shozo Michikawa will be creating a piece of art work on site – in the middle of the exhibition.

Come and join us for the event at 16.30 in the exhibition at Kløvermarksvej 70.

You do not need to sign up. The event is free of charge, but requires an entrance ticket to the exhibition (DKK 60) or an annual pass for the exhibitions on the first floor (DKK 180).

15. August 2019 Opening: Manpower

We are inviting you to the opening of the ”Manpower” exhibition on Thursday, August 15 from 5-7pm – and we hope to see you!

Japanese Shozo Michikawa and Danish Hans Vangsø will be showing a total of 64 ceramic works in the exhibition ‘Manpower’. The exhibition is a wordless dialogue between two ceramicists from the same generation but from different parts of the world. Both artists have a strong craft tradition that dates back to both Danish and Japanese ceramic history. They both have a wild, raw, unpolished and completely unsentimental approach to the most grounded material of all – the clay.

Copenhagen Distillery will be serving delicious drinks at the opening of the exhibition.

13. July 2019 Guided tour

How does designers, artisans and architects work with colours? We asked fashiondesigner and brand owner Mads Nørgaard, textile- and colour designer Margrethe Odgaard, the architects at Vandkunsten, printmaker and fabric designer Anne Fabricius Møller, artist and designer Eske Rex and ceramicist Morten Løbner Espersen that question – and all of these answers are in the exhibition Colour Days.

Join us for a guided tour and hear the stories behind the six participants colour work in the exhibition Colour Days on this second-last day of the exhibition.
The guided tours take place on Saturday, July 13 at 12noon and at 2PM.

It’s free of charge to participate, as long as the entrance fee (DKK 60 for an adult ticket) is paid. If you have our annual pass, it is free to participate in the tours. Registration is not necessary, just come by!


13. June 2019 Meet the network Danish Color Board

How does the idea for a particular colour scale arise? Does it come from a picture, a political situation, a natural phenomenon or? And how do you work from the starting point to a colour scale that lasts in 2 years? Can you at all predict which colours will be in fashion for the next 2 years? Is it possible that just a few people influence which colour attitudes become dominant in the future at a global level? These are some of the topics and processes that the Danish Color Board will elaborate on, Thursday, June 13 at 4PM.

Danish Color Board consists of a group of professionals working with colours. The group is interdisciplinary ranging from textile design and fashion over shoe and wallpaper design to interior- as well as industrial design. Chairman of Danish Color Board Marie-Louise Rosholm says: “We are united in the passion for colours! Twice a year we meet to create a Danish proposal for colours in the coming two years. The proposal is presented to Intercolor, which is an equivalent group, but at international level. At an international workshop we then create an international proposal for colours. On June 13, at A. Petersen, you can experience the international ‘encounters’ – time capsules from the individual Intercolor member countries presented as videos. There will be plenty of opportunity to see and study previous year’s colour charts from Danish Color Board and from Intercolor, as well as discuss with members of the Danish Color Board group. Perhaps you even want to join the Danish Color Board? “.

Registration by email to – there is a limited number of seats. Briefly describe how you work with design / colors in the email. It costs DKK 150 to participate (DKK 90, if you have a year card for A. Petersen). The participant price is incl. access to the exhibition. We serve a glass of wine / water along the way.

Time and place: Thursday, June 13 at 4PM (the event lasts about 2 hours), in the exhibition Colour Days at A. Petersen, Kløvermarksvej 70, 2300 Copenhagen S.

24. May 2019 Drinks and design

A nice Friday excursion with colleagues and friends?
A peachy taste and a design experience?

Friday May 24 you can kill two birds with one stone when we launch a new collaboration with our neighbor, Copenhagen Distillery. Here you get a tour in our current exhibition ‘Colour Days’ and a drink at our neighbor – maybe one which includes the new pink Mulberry Rose Aquavit?

For a price of 100 DKK we provide you with a coaster, which you can buy both at Copenhagen Distillery and at our place. The coaster can be used one time at the Distillery for a drink and one time at ‘Colour Days’ for a guided tour in the exhibition.

Copenhagen Distillery is open 1 – 4PM for drinks and we are open until 6pm – feel free to bring your drink to the exhibition space.


18. May 2019 Swap your Nørgaard T-shirt-day vol. 2

Once again we give you: Do you happen to have a 20 year+ Nørgaard #101-T-shirt, then stop by the exhibition Colour Days, Saturday May 18 11am-1pm, and exchange the old T-shirt for a new one. Free of charge. Here you’ll also meet Christa from Nørgaard.

Christa is in charge of the survey of fabrics, which you can experience in the exhibition and on the basis of these lists Christa will tell about how they work with colours in the #101 T-shirt at Nørgaard.

15. May 2019 Anne and the colours

In the exhibition “Colour Days”, we dive into the colourful inspirational universe of textile designer- and printer Anne Fabricius Møller.

Wednesday, May 15 at 5PM you can meet Anne and hear her tell about colours, about collections, about inspiration and about her work with textile design.
It takes place in the exhibition and you sign up by writing to – it is free to participate when you have bought a ticket or annual pass for the exhibition.

Anne has participated in the annual Mindcraft exhibition in Milan several times, in 2012 with the project ‘Fading print’. A project in which she experiments with the combination of light, colours and time. On May 15, Anne tells more about the project, which shares common features with her contribution to the exhibition Colour Days.

30. March 2019 Swap your Nørgaard T-shirt-day

Do you have a good story about your classic Nørgaard T-shirt? If the blouse is more than 20 years old and needs renewal, read here. Saturday March 30, between 12-3PM you can swap your old Nørgaard T-shirt model # 101 to a new one. The event takes place at A. Petersen at Kløvermarksvej 70, and Pernille from Nørgaard will bring new T-shirts. Pop by with your story and your old Nørgaard T-shirt, which will then take part in our exhibition Colour Days.


21. March 2019 Colour Days – opening

You are invited to join the opening of Colour Days 21 March 5pm-7pm at Kløvermarksvej 70 – we hope to see you!

It’s all about colour: Fashion designer Mads Nørgaard, ceramist Morten Løbner Espersen, colour and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard, architect-design studio Vandkunsten, textile designer and fabric printer Anne Fabricius Møller and artist and designer Eske Rex all participate with takes on how colours are part of their professional approach to the work with crafts, design and architecture.

24. February 2019 Ida and the glass helmet

Kabuto is the Japanese word for helmet. And it’s precisely a helmet Ida Wieth exhibits in the Japan Retur-exhibition – one in glass and copper – inspired by the Japanese samurai suit.

Sunday February 24, at 3PM, Ida will tell about the process and the idea behind her project – Kabuto – and about the meeting and the collaboration with TAMA Art University in Tokyo, where the project was made in the Summer of 2018. Here she worked across the glass- and metal department, and sought to discover and explore new aspects of materials and methods, based on a traditional Japanese samurai suit with deep historical and symbolic roots.

About the background of the project, Ida says:

“I am fascinated by the Japanese approach to craft, tradition, material and spirit. That things take (long) time, and requires dedication, patience and exercise to master a profession fully. At the same time, there is an endless pursuit of constantly being able to improve and learn new things.

From this point on, I focused on the samurai suit, which in itself is truly fascinating and unique in its structure, symbolism and aesthetics. I thought it was interesting to work with an interpretation of the suit’s headgear – the helmet itself – which, in addition to representing family, strength and rank, aims to protect the head from whacks.

I am very preoccupied with the Japanese phenomenon wabi-sabi, in which the beauty of the imperfect, perishable and unspoken is appreciated. Converting the Japanese war helmet into a form in which the main element consists of fragile glass is contradictory in terms – a war helmet that cuts as well as break… But this particular interpretation creates new ground for new ways to come about material, tradition and methods, and in accordance with wabi-sabi, the helmet will not last forever in its present form. On the contrary, it will continually change its expression, due to the fact that the glass will weather and gradually reveal the underlying copper construction on which the glass part is created.

With the project I wanted to push the boundaries of the glass options, based on a clear Japanese-based context. I look forward to tell about the process behind and the result of this at A. Petersen”.

The talk will be in Danish. If you have a ticket for the Japan Retur exhibition (60 DKK), participation at the talk is free.

8. February 2019 Louise, Anni, Aya and a 3-in-1 notebook

Meet the Japanese bookbinder Aya Nagaoka in a workshop where you can make your own notebook.
The paper is from the Japanese paper distributor Takeo, and the design of the 3-in-1 notebook is Aya’s own.
You can use the notebook for: one block for meetings, one for to-do list and one for private notes. Or as a travel journal: one pad used for the itinerary, one for notes of experiences along the way and one pad to outline your journey.

The workshop is initiated by Louise Hold Sidenius and Anni Vestergaard.

Registration on email:
Remember to write your name, phone number and the date you would like to attend – either Friday, February 8, 4-7 PM or Saturday, February 9, 11AM-2 PM. Please note: We are all booked!
Price: 400 kr.

2. February 2019 Sky, Maj and the socks

Textile designer Sky Lucy Young contributes to the Japan Retur exhibition with Project Socks – a project that started as a study of the Japanese practical as well as cultural relationship with footwear and the Japanese stockings, tabi, in which the big toe is separated from the other toes. However, the project, which was a collaboration with the Japanese company Kineyatabi, turned out to deal with much more than solely Japanese stockings.

The afternoon talk and dialogue is based on Sky’s stories from Japan about socks and stockings, details and rituals, and continues with a short survey of how socks are linked to the founding of the textile industry in Central Jutland. A Danish angle on the story, concluded by conservator and Ph.D. at the National Museum, Maj Ringgaard:

May Ringgaard’s research in stockings is based on the findings of socks from the 17th and 18th centuries that were discovered during the recent years of excavation work following the metro construction in Copenhagen. These findings are precisely the starting point for the history of the socks, but also the story of how the knit came to Denmark, how they embossed the men’s fashion and became important for showing well-formed legs.

We serve a glass of wine/water at the talk.

Registration by email:
The talk takes place at Kløvermarksvej 70, 2300 Copenhagen S, Saturday, February 2, at 4PM and lasts approx. 60 min.
Price: DKK 100 (incl. Entrance to the exhibition. If you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, it costs DKK 40 to attend)

27. January 2019 Maria and the rope of glass

In Japan, Maria Koshenkova was able to produce new works of art and do research in collaboration with four Japanese artists: Professor and artist Masahiro Sasaki, video artist Izuru Mizutanio, photographer Yoshiaki Kita and renowned bondage artist Nawashi Go Arizue.

The work title of the project – on display in the Japan Retur exhibition – “Restrain and Release” is the essence of Maria’s work on this project: Neither as an artist or as a human being you can ever be in total control. Being in total control is not important to Maria though. However, acknowledging this fundamental condition of life is crucial.

Maria tells about the project:
“Being introduced to the Shibari art was to me absolutely essential in this context and gave me a new understanding of my own art and my materials. And what it’s all about making sculptures for me. In Europe we often have a very constrained notion of Shibari as just a sexual practice. But this was not the perspective I learned from Japan, where it became a sculptural practice in which the body became the material and where I had to reconsider some basic questions – not just in my art but in life as such. When are you in control and when to keep up with the flow. Are you ever really free or are there more or less invisible strings that keep you in place? Where is the boundary between power and impotence? In my presentation, I would like to show and tell you more about my process and research and also share my encounter with the dark side of Japanese culture: Japan is mostly perceived and reproduced by Europeans as a country with minimalist aesthetics, puritanism and tranquility, but I also discovered a very expressive and violent culture that turned out to be fun in a strange way and dark at the same time. I would like to share this very exciting and fascinating experience made possible by my close collaboration with local artists and a look into the Japanese S/M culture. ”

If you want to attend Maria Koshenkova’s talk, it takes place Sunday, January 27 at 2.30PM in the exhibition at Kløvermarksvej 70.
Registration by email:
Price: 60 DKK in entrance fee for the exhibition. If you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, then it is free to join.

25. January 2019 Rosa and the weave

From January 25 through 28 you are welcome to take part in weaving workshops arranged by textile designer Rosa Tolnov Clausen, as part of the “Export / Import” series, originally developed and held by Rosa in 2017 at the 21st Century Museum of Contempoary Art, Kanazawa in Japan.

The workshop consists of four hours of immersion and practical insight into the handweaving process. Five Japanese table weaves have been acquired for the purpose, on which you can explore weaving techniques, materials, patterns and colors from Japan, Denmark, Sweden and Mexico.

After each workshop, participants receive a small archive of tissue samples.

Registration on email:
Remember to write your name, phone number and date you would like to attend – either Friday, January 25, at 2 – 6PM, Saturday, January 26 at 12AM -4PM, Sunday January 27, at 10AM – 2PM or Monday January 28, at 9AM – 1PM. Please note: We are all booked!
Price: 150 DKK (incl. entrance to the exhibition. If you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, it costs 90 DKK to participate)

“Rosa and the weave” wishes to thank Ellen og Knud Dalhoff Larsens Fond, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Statens Kunstfond and Martha og Paul Kerrn-Jespersens Fond for support in realizing the weaving workshops.

12. December 2018 Henrik Vibskov and “Most innovative gløgg of 2018”

Are you looking for a very special Christmas present this year?

On Wednesday, December 12, at 5 – 7PM, Henrik Vibskov visits our shop at Kløvermarksvej 70, signing “Japan Plates” for you who look for a special personalized Christmas gift. A tantalising plate or dish which brings you into the amacing Vibskov universe.

If you stop by Wednesday evening, we will also offer you a glass of “The most innovative gløgg of the year” from 5PM.

Our neighbor, Sune Urth from Copenhagen Distillery has won the prestigious title “DM in Gløgg 2018″ for a gløgg, based on the Distillery’s Honey Wine and unfiltered apple juice, as well as a touch of chai spices. If you are into alcohol, the gløgg can be supplemented with the Distillery’s Dill Anise Aquavit, or you can get it virgin.

Japan Plates” originates from “The Repetitive Clean” installation created by Henrik Vibskov, on display for the first time in Kanasawa, Japan in 2017, and now partially resurrected as part of the “Japan Retur” exhibition on Kløvermarksvej.

A signed “Japan Plate” (27x27cm) costs 750 kr. The signature / dedication is written on the back.

If you are unable to attend Wednesday evening, you can write to and place an order on a signed “Japan Plate”: Remember to write the dedication exactly the way you want it, in maximum 20 characters incl. gaps. Deadline for your mail is Wednesday December 12, at 12AM.

2. December 2018 Yuko, Johna and the loom

The contribution by Yuko Yokota and Johna Hansen – a very long loom – for the exhibition ‘Japan Return’ is for most of the exhibition period taking part as a stationary object. With the exception of the period November 21 to December 2. During these two weeks, the loom comes alive and unfolds as a performance, which you can follow in the opening hours of the exhibition.

Yuko Yokota, born 1983 in Japan, is a trained textile artist, specialized in weaving, from the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, the Faculty of Arts and Crafts. Johna Hansen, born 1982 in Sweden, graduated as architect from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and Tohoku University of Art and Design.

The object R / LOOM is a giant loom, almost eight meters long, two meters wide and almost three meters high. The name R / LOOM is a play with the artists’ working fields of architecture (ROOM) and weaving (LOOM). The purpose of the project is to investigate a symbiosis between these two fields: The loom has become a space, and through a repeated interaction between Yuko and Johna and the loom – a performance – a new architectural element, the textile, and a new spatiality are created.

For the exhibition ‘Japan Return’, R / LOOM is adapted to the particular exhibition and room at the first floor of Kløvermarksvej 70. The wooden structure is unchanged from previous set-ups of the loom, but the yarn and textile that are created and the way it evolves in the room is specifically intended for this occasion. Unlike previous settings, where Yuko and Johna worked on the subject of light, they here focus on shadow. They weave with recycled fabric and jute yarn.

Yuko and Johna have made a publication that accompanies the R / LOOM project, and is available at the exhibition from November 21.

1. December 2018 Sing Tehus visits A. Petersen

Tea is one of the cornerstones of Japanese culture, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which goes back several hundred years, contains a complexity that it takes many years of study to learn.

Mette Marie Kjær opened the Sing Tehus on November 17, 2006. With a background as a visual artist, it was the artistic and philosophical elements of the Asian culture, including the Japanese tea ceremony, which fascinated and led to a great and exciting world of tea.

Sing Tehus works to spread the knowledge of the tea culture as well as the tasteful teas, and imports tea from among other places Japan.

Saturday, December 1, Lulu from Sing Tehus visits Kløvermarksvej. At this occasion you can taste a cup of tea, learn more about Sing Tehus’ work with – and stories about tea.

It will also be possible to buy tea from Sing Tehus.

30. November 2018 Takahito Nakajima and his wood turned bowls

The Japanese wood-turner Takehito Nakajima visits A. Petersen at Kløvermarksvej Friday November 30.and Saturday December 1.

Takehito Nakajima (born 1969) is wood-turner as well as master in the the hard Japanese urushi technique – a traditional laquering technique, going back hundreds of years.

Right now, Takehito is current in relation to the exhibition ‘Japan Retur’, due to his roll as craftsman on the Oryoki bowls, designed by the danish designers Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen, which you can experience in the exhibition. And then, Takehito is one of the many Japanese craftsmen, who was visited by the group of Danish cabinetmakers Akiko Kuwahata, Anders Lunderskov, Finn Killbuck Johansen, Jacob Ulrich, John Bøge, Ken Winther Christensen, Rasmus Fenhann, Søren Risvang Sørensen and Teis Dich Abrahamsen,  during their trip to Japan last Fall, a tour documented in the exhibition.

Stop by and watch Takehito turn wooden bowls in the opening hours of the exhibition Friday November 30 at 12AM – 6PM and Saturday December 1, at 10AM – 4PM.
It will be possible to buy the wooden bowls manufactured during the two days immediately after they have been made.

It only requires a ticket for the exhibition to experience Takehito in action.

27. November 2018 Marie and Ex-formation

This evening offers an introduction to the internationally renowned designer whose name has become synonymous with the changing face of modern Japanese design – Kenya Hara – and especially an insight into his work with the concept of Ex-formation.

Ex-formation explains how little we really know and thus becomes a new starting point for design: The unknown is what moves us, what we already know is not nearly as interesting.

Today, knowledge is available in almost explosive mass, and instead of being able to use knowledge as a springboard for our imagination, Hara believes that we are caught in an information exchange, a ‘switch-changing fact play’ that prevents us from immersion . It is a major challenge for creativity and design.

Hara’s answer is Ex-formation, with the purpose to create solutions that challenge and awaken curiosity.

Graphic designer and design manager at Louisiana, Marie Lübecker, followed Kenya Hara for a week in the fall of 2017 to learn more about, among other things, Ex-formation. Listen to what she experienced and discuss how we can benefit from these thoughts in our own design practices.

Tuesday November 27 at 5.30PM – the evening begins with a presentation followed by a discussion.

Registration to

Price: Ticket for the exhibition (60kr.), and 40 kr., which covers wine / water.
There is room for 30 participants, tickets are distributed on a first come-first served basis.

22. November 2018 Anne and the Japanese wallpaper

A rare and expensive Japanese wallpaper was rediscovered in 2016 in the center of Copenhagen at Kongens Nytorv. The location of the property reflects that a wealthy citizen lived here, in this case the famous art patron and Tobacco producer Bernhard Hirschprung.

The property has subsequently been named Brønnums Hus, after a later owner.

The wallpaper that represents golden leather is evidenced to be Japanese by thorough technical and art historical studies, and is an example of an exclusive Japanese commodity that found its way to Europe in the late 1800s.
The Japanese name of the wallpaper is Kinkarakawakami, (Kin-gold, kara-imitation, kawa-leather, kami-paper) and is a Japanese variation of the European golden leather.

For many years the luxury golden wallpaper created the setting for The Royal Danish Ballet School, but today the house is owned by Karberghus, which generously opens the doors for display of the wallpapers in connection with the Japan Retur exhibition.

Experience the gilded Japanese wallpaper in what previously was the dining room af Bernhard Hirschprung:
Guided tours (in Danish) on November 21 and 22 at 5 to 6 PM and January 23 and 24 from 5 to 6 PM.
Registration and payment of 150 DKK is via website:
or directly to mail:

4. October 2018 Japan Retur – opening

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition Thursday October 4 at 5-7 PM here at Kløvermarksvej 70 – and we hope to see you!

In the exhibition we show more than 40 projects by Danish craftsmen and designers. They have all been preoccupied with Japanese culture and specifically crafts, ceramics, glass art, design theory, embroidery, lacquer work, paper dyeing, weaving – and a lot of other techniques, and have due to this sought cooperation with Japanese craftsmen and designers.

13. September 2018 Designtalk on shrinking cracks

Stop by and join a design talk at A. Petersen on Thursday, September 13 at 5 PM to get new perspectives on wood and cracks due to shrinkage. Here, designer Anne Brandhøj, in dialogue with designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and ranger Stephan Springborg, will discuss the aesthetic and sustainable potentials of the wood, but also the design challenges associated with the wood as material.

The shrinkage crack-project will be on display at Kløvermarksvej through Thursday, September 27. The presentation contains a number of objects in ash, cherry and maple wood.

Since her graduation from KADK in 2017, Anne Brandhøj has been curiously studying wood. She focuses especially on the shrinkage cracks that occur when freshly harvested wood is allowed to dry, shrink and crack in a natural drying process. The deformations occur slowly over time and depend on water content, shape, type of wood, temperature and humidity.

When the wood is completely dry, Anne emphasizes the shrinkage cracks in the wood by means of wedged metal elements – and in this way, organic objects are locked in time and place.

The design industry customarily uses controlled, dried wood from sawmills because the cracks are undesirable as they make the wood less uniform and reduce the strength of the material.

In contrast, Anne Brandhøj lets the wood dry in a natural process. She puts it this way: “The unpredictabilityfascinates me, and I like the excitement of having a natural material between the hands, whose forces shapes as much as I do”.

The talk is free and does not require registration.

14. June 2018 Exhibition opening – First Movers

Thursday, June 14 at 5-7 PM, we invite you to the opening of the exhibition “First Movers” – displaying more than 100 models in scale 1:5 of furniture types, that are more than 5000 years old, made by the Danish architect and cabinetmaker Dan Svarth.

With lion feet as well as painted pictures of the ancient Egyptians, they do not look like typical furniture, as we know from our home. And yet some of them do. In the exhibition we also show modern furniture that relates in different ways to the ancient Egyptian furniture.

26. May 2018 Tasting colors

Textile- and color designer Margrethe Odgaard is unique in her field. In her work that include registration of colors across continents and a tireless search for connections and opposites, she creates colour compositions that thrills and fascinates.

Margrethe puts it this way: ” I observe and exercise in noticing my surroundings. This I do on a daily mapping of colors on the locations where I am. No matter if it is in Thyholm in western Jutland or on Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Colors are linked to emotions and every time you focus on colors around you, you’ll also get a little wiser on yourself. I think this is important for all of us, not just designers.

Margrethe shares her thoughts about her work with color design Saturday May 26 at 11AM. Here we invite you to a very special talk and workshop with a particular focus on the connection between colors and tastes.

For the occasion, confectioner Vita Fex has developed taste samples that you and the other workshop participants translate into color palettes.

Sign up by contacting – there are a limited number of seats. Participation costs 60,- DKK besides a ticket for the exhibition (60,- DKK).

Remember that if you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, you only have to buy the ticket for the workshop.

7. April 2018 Talk in the exhibition with Depping&Jørgensen

Stop by Kløvermarksvej 70 this Saturday, April 7th, at 11AM where Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen will give a tour in the exhibition and tell about selected works.

Together Line and Jakob have made Black Chair which is on display in the exhibition and they will share the reflections and thoughts made during the design process – and about the discussions that are sometimes necessary on the way to the finished design object.

Line also describes how she designs in steam bent- and compressed wood, techniques that can be experienced as experiments as well as finished products in the exhibition.

Jakob has chosen the Blitz lamp and shows – along with the story – a short video about the journey of the lamp from being a bunch of pipes in all kinds of shapes to finished light.

The tour takes place in the exhibition.
Entrance fee for the exhibition is DKK 60 per person. When you have paid the entrance fee it is free to participate in the tour.

21. March 2018 Talk with Helle Vibeke Jensen about Froth on the Daydream

Designer Helle Vibeke Jensen has made 68 illustrated chapters for the book “Dagenes Skum” by the French author Boris Vian. Wednesday, 21 March at 4:30 PM at Kløvermarksvej 70, Helle Vibeke tells about the creation of the chapters and at the same time demonstrates some of the techniques she has used in the process – one of which is ”Katagami” – a Japanese stencil technique. Remember to register at

22. February 2018 Exhibition opening: Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen

Thursday, February 22nd from 5-7 pm, we invite you to the opening of our first exhibition in 2018: “Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen”.

The four designers Chris L. Halstrøm, Margrethe Odgaard, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen show at the exhibition – in addition to working methods and material considerations – selected finished works.

For the exhibition opening we offer a light serving of Mikkeller beer.

7. February 2018 The stories of Midtjyske Tæpper

Danish weaver Anne Mette Larsen has captured tales in Midtjylland and transformed them into woven blankets.

A total of four sites have been transformed into 8 blankets, woven in Norway of Norwegian wool at the weaving mill Røros Tweed. In addition, Anne Mette Larsen has created one blanket that summarizes the whole idea behind the construction of Midtjyske Tæpper.

Wednesday February 7th at 4:30 pm at Kløvermarksvej, Anne Mette will tell about the concept and process related to the project Midtjyske Tæpper. Architect Nicolai de Gier complements with accompanying thoughts on craft.

It is free of charge to participate, but due to a limited number of seats, registration is required. Write your name and how many you come to

The talk is in Danish.

For the event we will serve central Jutland beer from Virklund Bryghus.

18. January 2018 Talk – Lars Vejen and Design Collaborations

Following the current exhibition “Design Collaborations” at A. Petersen, we invite you to a design talk, where Lars Vejen will tell about his first meeting with Japan and the Japanese, when he lived and worked in Kyoto as an architectural student in 1995. He will also give a thorough introduction to the current exhibition at A. Petersen.

The talk will give you a picture of Japan then and now, and also shed light on the challenges and approaches that Lars Vejen has experienced and learned along the way. The exhibition is an ambitious project that Lars Vejen has realized through close cooperation with the Japanese and Danish craftsmen and manufacturers.

Lars Vejen worked as design manager in one of Scandinavia’s largest architectural companies, but is currently international lecturer / teacher and holder of own design company based in Japan and Denmark.

The event is free, but requires registration (write your name and how many you will attend) to

7. December 2017 Exhibition opening – Design Collaborations

Lars Vejen has worked extensively with Danish as well as Japanese artisans, craftsmen, workshops and design companies.

All projects will be exhibited from the beginning of November until the beginning of December at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Craft. The same works will be displayed here at A. Petersen from December 8th until February 11th.

This part of our Japanese-Danish exhibitions finalizes this year’s celebration of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark.

Design Collaborations opens at 5PM and the opening speech is given by Anne Katrine Okholm Skole, editor,

6. October 2017 Opening of exhibition – Kitani

Friday, October 6th. 5-7 pm, we invite you to fernisage of the next part of our Japanese exhibitions. Here we show Danish furniture design classics by Finn Juhl, Ib Kofod-Larsen and Nanna Ditzel, manufactured by the Japanese furniture company Kitani.

Besides the passionate cultivation of the craftsmanship and the fascination of Danish furniture, Kitani is also known for contributing to the construction of a 1: 1 version of Finn Juhl’s house in the mountains of Takayama, Japan – as a special tribute to the furniture master.

The exhibition is displayed in a Japanese-inspired garden, built specifically for the event in cooperation with Jagro Anlæg.

We offer live jazz and a glass of wine for the opening.