Takahito Nakajima and his wood turned bowls

30. November 2018 Takahito Nakajima and his wood turned bowls

The Japanese wood-turner Takehito Nakajima visits A. Petersen at Kløvermarksvej Friday November 30.and Saturday December 1.

Takehito Nakajima (born 1969) is wood-turner as well as master in the the hard Japanese urushi technique – a traditional laquering technique, going back hundreds of years.

Right now, Takehito is current in relation to the exhibition ‘Japan Retur’, due to his roll as craftsman on the Oryoki bowls, designed by the danish designers Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen, which you can experience in the exhibition. And then, Takehito is one of the many Japanese craftsmen, who was visited by the group of Danish cabinetmakers Akiko Kuwahata, Anders Lunderskov, Finn Killbuck Johansen, Jacob Ulrich, John Bøge, Ken Winther Christensen, Rasmus Fenhann, Søren Risvang Sørensen and Teis Dich Abrahamsen,  during their trip to Japan last Fall, a tour documented in the exhibition.

Stop by and watch Takehito turn wooden bowls in the opening hours of the exhibition Friday November 30 at 12AM – 6PM and Saturday December 1, at 10AM – 4PM.
It will be possible to buy the wooden bowls manufactured during the two days immediately after they have been made.

It only requires a ticket for the exhibition to experience Takehito in action.