Sing Tehus visits A. Petersen

1. December 2018 Sing Tehus visits A. Petersen

Tea is one of the cornerstones of Japanese culture, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which goes back several hundred years, contains a complexity that it takes many years of study to learn.

Mette Marie Kjær opened the Sing Tehus on November 17, 2006. With a background as a visual artist, it was the artistic and philosophical elements of the Asian culture, including the Japanese tea ceremony, which fascinated and led to a great and exciting world of tea.

Sing Tehus works to spread the knowledge of the tea culture as well as the tasteful teas, and imports tea from among other places Japan.

Saturday, December 1, Lulu from Sing Tehus visits Kløvermarksvej. At this occasion you can taste a cup of tea, learn more about Sing Tehus’ work with – and stories about tea.

It will also be possible to buy tea from Sing Tehus.