Sky, Maj and the socks

2. February 2019 Sky, Maj and the socks

Textile designer Sky Lucy Young contributes to the Japan Retur exhibition with Project Socks – a project that started as a study of the Japanese practical as well as cultural relationship with footwear and the Japanese stockings, tabi, in which the big toe is separated from the other toes. However, the project, which was a collaboration with the Japanese company Kineyatabi, turned out to deal with much more than solely Japanese stockings.

The afternoon talk and dialogue is based on Sky’s stories from Japan about socks and stockings, details and rituals, and continues with a short survey of how socks are linked to the founding of the textile industry in Central Jutland. A Danish angle on the story, concluded by conservator and Ph.D. at the National Museum, Maj Ringgaard:

May Ringgaard’s research in stockings is based on the findings of socks from the 17th and 18th centuries that were discovered during the recent years of excavation work following the metro construction in Copenhagen. These findings are precisely the starting point for the history of the socks, but also the story of how the knit came to Denmark, how they embossed the men’s fashion and became important for showing well-formed legs.

We serve a glass of wine/water at the talk.

Registration by email:
The talk takes place at Kløvermarksvej 70, 2300 Copenhagen S, Saturday, February 2, at 4PM and lasts approx. 60 min.
Price: DKK 100 (incl. Entrance to the exhibition. If you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, it costs DKK 40 to attend)