Opening: Exit 2019 KADK Bornholm

4. September 2019 Opening: Exit 2019 KADK Bornholm

Welcome to the opening of the KADK Bornholm, BA graduation exhibition ‘Exit 19’ on Wednesday, September 4, at 5-7PM:

The graduates explain about ‘Exit 19’:

“The exhibition shows 13 bachelor projects in glass and ceramics from the program ‘Arts and Crafts – Glass and Ceramics’. The design education in crafts, located in Nexø, is considered to be a unique education, in which the craft, the business model as well as the development of new knowledge to the subject are in focus. As graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts Bornholm, we want to show a diversity of themes and expressions with the exhibition ‘Exit 19’. We want to communicate our approach to a contemporary personal expression based on the many opportunities that a material-based framework can contribute in a socially relevant context. The works deal with, among other things, the narrative story, debating societal issues, aesthetics in a surface, the image as work, figure, object and sculpture. The premise of this exhibition has been an independent 12 weeks-project, where we as students have chosen to challenge our materials in relation to a selected specialization and a personal artistic language / expression in crafts.”

The exhibition can be viewed through Sunday, September 29.