Designtalk on shrinking cracks

13. September 2018 Designtalk on shrinking cracks

Stop by and join a design talk at A. Petersen on Thursday, September 13 at 5 PM to get new perspectives on wood and cracks due to shrinkage. Here, designer Anne Brandhøj, in dialogue with designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and ranger Stephan Springborg, will discuss the aesthetic and sustainable potentials of the wood, but also the design challenges associated with the wood as material.

The shrinkage crack-project will be on display at Kløvermarksvej through Thursday, September 27. The presentation contains a number of objects in ash, cherry and maple wood.

Since her graduation from KADK in 2017, Anne Brandhøj has been curiously studying wood. She focuses especially on the shrinkage cracks that occur when freshly harvested wood is allowed to dry, shrink and crack in a natural drying process. The deformations occur slowly over time and depend on water content, shape, type of wood, temperature and humidity.

When the wood is completely dry, Anne emphasizes the shrinkage cracks in the wood by means of wedged metal elements – and in this way, organic objects are locked in time and place.

The design industry customarily uses controlled, dried wood from sawmills because the cracks are undesirable as they make the wood less uniform and reduce the strength of the material.

In contrast, Anne Brandhøj lets the wood dry in a natural process. She puts it this way: “The unpredictabilityfascinates me, and I like the excitement of having a natural material between the hands, whose forces shapes as much as I do”.

The talk is free and does not require registration.