Eiri Iwakura

Eiri Iwakura
Japanese tradition and innovation
October 16 – November 16 2015

Eiri Iwakura is unique on the Japanese design scene. Not only has he been active forty years as a furniture designer and won a lot of awards, he has also helped to launch more Japanese design brands based on sustainable principles of quality and production. Now the Japanese pioneer comes to Copenhagen and exhibits at A. Petersen.

Eiri Iwakura has been the hallmark of two major trends in Japan. Both by being a designer, as well as manufacturing and salesman of his own furniture – a kind of comprehensive business strategy in the company Rockstone, which today is one of Japan’s largest furniture brands with its own shops and showrooms. Also, Iwakura has been vital of setting the stage for architectural designed Japanese furniture

"Marilyn" designed by Eiri Iwakura

Eiri Iwakura

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, most of the furniture available in Japan was traditional furniture such as Chabudai tables and Tansu chest of drawers (for kimono storage) or imported western furniture. Iwakura’s vision of designing Japanese furniture took shape when he established Rockstone in 1981. Today, rest is history and Rockstone a huge organization. The exhibition by A. Petersen testifies that, although created decades ago, the furniture still is relevant.

Iwakura, the craft and the holism
Eiri Iwakura is an active gentleman who has been deeply involved in spreading knowledge of Japanese furniture and crafts through his professorship and by promoting and collaborating with smaller local workshops to develop and professionalize the Japanese furniture industry.