Finissage and Gitte Jungersen talk

3. November 2019 Finissage and Gitte Jungersen talk

We invite you to a festive ‘finissage’ of our exhibitions on the first floor, focusing on ceramics: ‘Manpower’ and ‘Gitte Jungersen’. We do this on Sunday, November 3rd from 2pm to 3PM with a talk on ceramics and a glass of wine / water.

Gitte Jungersen will elaborate on her thoughts on ceramic tradition and breakthroughs based on her works in the exhibition. It will be a talk about voluminous glazes, often in dramatic colours, reminding of everything from natural phenomena such as lava, clay and stone to the culture’s waste products in glossy surfaces and scatter colours.

Gitte graduated from the Danish School of Design (KADK) in 1993 and her focus lies in an experimental and boundary-seeking approach to the ceramic materials and processes. With glaze samples and works from the exhibition, you will also gain insight into Gitte’s many years of experience with the marvelous chemical compounds and burning techniques.

Come and join the ‘finissage’ and help make a fantastic ending on the ceramics exhibitions. Registration is not required.