Knud Holscher – Design for everyday life

Knud Holscher
Design for everyday life
January 29th - March 30th, 2016

Knud Holscher’s work is a milestone and as a designer he is a living legend. Therefore, the 87-year-old designer is the point of departure on a large exhibition at the gallery A. Petersen in Copenhagen, which opens January 29th. Holscher has been indicative in his field for over 50 years and is also one of the only surviving architects who have worked side by side with one of the great Danish heroes of the postwar period: Arne Jacobsen. Additionally, Knud Holscher has won more than 50 design awards through his long and impressive career and has created a vibrant and busy drawing office that points far into the future.

Holism and coherence in everyday life
One of Knud Holschers huge forces is the ability to think elements together so that they create unities in cross-over contexts. So easy that you do not understand why it has not been done before. So straightforward that it seems intuitive. So well-tested and worked throughout that you are never in doubt. A bus shed that shields and does not make any noise in the landscape. A baby carriage, you can collapse taking up a minimum of space, but still have the comfort and functionality. A toilet seat with a discreet indication integrated into the board, so you lift it where it’s least precarious.

Quality is a keyword for the productive designer and architect who, in addition to creating products on a smaller scale and large buildings, also built his own house in the early 1970s – a house that today is perceived as exemplary of architectural holistic thinking where material choices and spatial displacements create experiences at all hours in the house on an ordinary day. And exactly everyday life is holy to Holscher. His design is born to make everyday life a better place to be. A better place to stay. To work. To eat.

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