Maria and the rope of glass

27. January 2019 Maria and the rope of glass

In Japan, Maria Koshenkova was able to produce new works of art and do research in collaboration with four Japanese artists: Professor and artist Masahiro Sasaki, video artist Izuru Mizutanio, photographer Yoshiaki Kita and renowned bondage artist Nawashi Go Arizue.

The work title of the project – on display in the Japan Retur exhibition – “Restrain and Release” is the essence of Maria’s work on this project: Neither as an artist or as a human being you can ever be in total control. Being in total control is not important to Maria though. However, acknowledging this fundamental condition of life is crucial.

Maria tells about the project:
“Being introduced to the Shibari art was to me absolutely essential in this context and gave me a new understanding of my own art and my materials. And what it’s all about making sculptures for me. In Europe we often have a very constrained notion of Shibari as just a sexual practice. But this was not the perspective I learned from Japan, where it became a sculptural practice in which the body became the material and where I had to reconsider some basic questions – not just in my art but in life as such. When are you in control and when to keep up with the flow. Are you ever really free or are there more or less invisible strings that keep you in place? Where is the boundary between power and impotence? In my presentation, I would like to show and tell you more about my process and research and also share my encounter with the dark side of Japanese culture: Japan is mostly perceived and reproduced by Europeans as a country with minimalist aesthetics, puritanism and tranquility, but I also discovered a very expressive and violent culture that turned out to be fun in a strange way and dark at the same time. I would like to share this very exciting and fascinating experience made possible by my close collaboration with local artists and a look into the Japanese S/M culture. ”

If you want to attend Maria Koshenkova’s talk, it takes place Sunday, January 27 at 2.30PM in the exhibition at Kløvermarksvej 70.
Registration by email:
Price: 60 DKK in entrance fee for the exhibition. If you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, then it is free to join.