Marie and Ex-formation

27. November 2018 Marie and Ex-formation

This evening offers an introduction to the internationally renowned designer whose name has become synonymous with the changing face of modern Japanese design – Kenya Hara – and especially an insight into his work with the concept of Ex-formation.

Ex-formation explains how little we really know and thus becomes a new starting point for design: The unknown is what moves us, what we already know is not nearly as interesting.

Today, knowledge is available in almost explosive mass, and instead of being able to use knowledge as a springboard for our imagination, Hara believes that we are caught in an information exchange, a ‘switch-changing fact play’ that prevents us from immersion . It is a major challenge for creativity and design.

Hara’s answer is Ex-formation, with the purpose to create solutions that challenge and awaken curiosity.

Graphic designer and design manager at Louisiana, Marie Lübecker, followed Kenya Hara for a week in the fall of 2017 to learn more about, among other things, Ex-formation. Listen to what she experienced and discuss how we can benefit from these thoughts in our own design practices.

Tuesday November 27 at 5.30PM – the evening begins with a presentation followed by a discussion.

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Price: Ticket for the exhibition (60kr.), and 40 kr., which covers wine / water.
There is room for 30 participants, tickets are distributed on a first come-first served basis.