Tasting colors

26. May 2018 Tasting colors

Textile- and color designer Margrethe Odgaard is unique in her field. In her work that include registration of colors across continents and a tireless search for connections and opposites, she creates colour compositions that thrills and fascinates.

Margrethe puts it this way: ” I observe and exercise in noticing my surroundings. This I do on a daily mapping of colors on the locations where I am. No matter if it is in Thyholm in western Jutland or on Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Colors are linked to emotions and every time you focus on colors around you, you’ll also get a little wiser on yourself. I think this is important for all of us, not just designers.

Margrethe shares her thoughts about her work with color design Saturday May 26 at 11AM. Here we invite you to a very special talk and workshop with a particular focus on the connection between colors and tastes.

For the occasion, confectioner Vita Fex has developed taste samples that you and the other workshop participants translate into color palettes.

Sign up by contacting malene@apetersen.dk – there are a limited number of seats. Participation costs 60,- DKK besides a ticket for the exhibition (60,- DKK).

Remember that if you have already bought a ticket for the exhibition, you only have to buy the ticket for the workshop.