First Movers – new book release

28. June 2019
A. Petersen has just released an updated version of Dan Svarth's book on Egyptian furniture making.

Are you curious about Egyptian furniture art from the age of the Pharaohs, or would you like to revisit the incredibly fine furniture models in scale 1:5 from our exhibition “First Movers”, you now have plenty of opportunity. Together with Dan Svarth, A. Petersen has just released an updated version of his book from 1998.

The book is in Danish and English and includes pictures of the 100 miniature models, which Dan has created within a 30 year period.

As a professor in furniture art, Dan has, since the early


1990s, researched in Egyptian furniture art found in the king’s tombs and traveled to museums all over the world to study, measure and sketch up the furniture findings.

Prehistoric furniture types that testify to the Egyptians’ highly developed furniture skills 3-5,000 years ago. And at the same time demonstrates the obvious inspiration that one also finds among the Danish furniture classics.

The book costs 550,- DKK in our shop at Kløvermarksvej. We can also ship – please contact: