Odgaard and Machenhauer – shirts and ice cubes

9. March 2018
It is now possible to buy a very special series of shirts in the shop at Kløvermarksvej

The designers Margrethe Odgaard and Jan Machenhauer have developed a shirt line that really stands out. With a special dyeing technique, each shirt is unique. The fact that both ice cubes and a great deal of coincidence is at the core of the technique adds a good story to the shirts.

Margrethe explains how factors such as temperature and the placement of the fabric determine the individual pattern of the shirt:

“Instead of dipping the entire shirt in a bowl with color, a lot of ice cubes, made of coloring liquid are placed on the shirt. Then textile color powder is sprinkled over the ice cubes. The speed of the ice cube melting and the direction the color is running now determines the pattern of the shirt”.

Margrethe is right now part of the current exhibition “Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen” where you can see several of her color designs, both finished works as well as experimental processes.

You can buy the shirts in our shop at Kløvermarksvej 70. Prices from 2400 DKK.