by Torben Skov

AP. Serien

Stainless steel and ash, oak, larch or Oregon pine.
L180 x W24,5 (width of plank) x H40 cm.
Other lengths and kinds of wood available.
Price on request.

For more information please contact us: or +45 2233 8038

  • Torben Skov

AP. Serien is available at our own boutique at Kløvermarksvej 70, DK-2300 Copenhagen - and at:

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Furniture architect and graphic designer Torben Skov has sketched up and put thoughts into a bench, which is simply 2 clamps holding a plank. Without the use of screws, the furniture is simple, easy and portable with many features. It works as a seat and as a sofa- or side table. Or maybe as a window sill in the home with large glass facades. One can use it as a bench on the terrace, in the garden or inside the entrance hall. As a shelf with space for items in the store, as a welcome furniture in a large hall or as a resting seat at the museum or in the gallery.

Torben Skov’s many graphic projects over the years do not deny themselves. The bench, in its construction, is almost like floating lines in the air. The horizontal wooden plank, the oblique supporting clamps – both strictly geometric compositions that at the same time pay tribute to the architectural principle of holding and held. The two vertical constructions that keep it horizontal. In this furniture, the tension of the plank and the weight of the person who sits or the weight of the things placed on it greatly helps to “lock” the construction between the clamps and the plank.

The two materials, steel and wood, meet in the bench with the greatest respect for each other. The steel is strong and does not change. It holds and carries. The plank of wood is softer and invites to be touched and seated on.

Torben Skov says about the bench:

Bench in three parts
– two carrying and one carried.
One can be allergic to sofas as such.
And do not want a Moroccan pouf.
But need to lay off books,
magazines and newspapers.
And having your feet up.
With passion for minimalism.
And enjoy the calm and logic
of a furniture design.

Do you want to hear more about the Bench?
Contact A. Petersen via email or by telephone +45 2233 8038

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