Dining Table
by Ole Schjøll

AP. Serien

Frame in stainless steel. Reversible topplate in black linoleum and white laminate. Edge in ash wood.
Diam.145 x H72 cm.
Price on request.

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contact@apetersen.dk or +45 2233 8038

  • Ole Schjøll

Once upon a time architect Ole Schjøll designed a dining table for himself. A table where the circle and cube meet and are united in the form of a round table top, placed on a square steel-wire base. Over the years many wonderful meals were enjoyed and numerous good conversations were held around Ole’s dining table.

One day Ole presented us with a black and white photo of his former dining room. In the center of the picture was the dining table, which was designed with a star-shaped wire chassis unmistakably in the family with Wire Table – his coffee table – which was the first furniture A. Petersen put into production. After much consideration and experimenting with materials, the Dining Table was also a reality and is now part of the AP Serien.

The frame is made of stainless steelwire, produced and bended by FK Trådindustri and subsequently welded together by blacksmith Mikkel Kjærholm. Gribskov Inventar Snedkeri has manufactured the reversible table top and the two sides are a combination of black linoleum and white laminate. The edge of the table is in natural light ash, which gives the table a warmth against the simple and cool steel wire.

With a diameter of 145 cm. Dining Table easily makes room for the whole family of three, four or five – but here is also space for guests, as you can fit in eight people sitting around the table.

Do you want to hear more about the Dining Table?
Contact A. Petersen via email anders@apetersen.dk or by telephone +45 2233 8038

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