Rocking Chair
by Dan Svarth

AP. Serien

Ash wood with canvas. Brass brackets.
L67 x D90 x H90 cm.
Folded dimensions: L67 x D20 x H114 cm.
Three kinds of canvas print, designed by Danish designers Jan Machenhauer and Iben Brøndum for Epice (blue), Mads Nørgaard (white), and Anne Fabricius Møller (red).
Price on request.

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  • Dan Svarth

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After many, many calculations and tests with different loads, the rocking deckchair is now ready. Architect and cabinetmaker Dan Svarth has figured out exactly where the joints needs to be located in order to relieve and distribute weight as good as possible. Now it’s time to have a seat. The chair resembles a traditional deckchair – but it has a rocking surprise.

The chair is the result of a play with fine woodwork combined with the architect’s sense of mathematical calculations of so-called power polygons. That is, how the joints distribute the weight you add to the chair when you sit in it. In former days, this was actually a subject task at the furniture department at the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture – calculating and drawing up a useful and comfortable deck chair. Simple yet complicated, requiring the designer to define the culmination point of comfort, expression and crafts.

But the chair is also Dan’s tricky play with expectations. At first glance it looks like a classic deck chair. But instead of this you get a flexible chair that follows you and allows you to stay seated as you reach for your coffee cup. And it lets you recline gently and comfortably with the cup in your hand.

The armrest of the chair is a warm salute to Dan’s former teacher and employer, Poul Kjærholm. He had the same shape on the armrest of his and Ejnar Pedersen’s PK28, a further development of the chair in the lecture hall at Louisiana – Museum of Modern Art north of Copenhagen.

Three kinds of canvas print, designed by Danish designers Jan Machenhauer and Iben From for Epice (blue), Mads Nørgaard (white), and Anne Fabricius Møller (red).

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