Roller Cabinet
by Knud Holscher

AP. Serien

Oregon pine or black-stained ash wood.
Black-brown hinges and screw heads.
L70 x D70 x H156 cm.
Price on request.

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  • Knud Holscher

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Knud Holscher has three unusual cabinets in his kitchen. The cabinets do not resemble anything likely in other kitchens – they are remarkable: Almost like kitchen sculptures, the upright boxes are vertical versions of the old travel trunk. But in the kitchen they are practical for the purposes of this particular room; for spices, pots and pans, plates and glasses.

When Knud designed the cabinet many years ago, it was intended as a room divider and for storage in offices. A small number of cabinets was put into production and used as wardrobe in the executive offices of a larger Danish company. Knud Holscher and his wife Henny placed the cabinets in the kitchen – in versions manufactured in the material alucobond with a laminated aluminum shell.

When the exhibition ‘Knud Holscher – Design for everyday life’ was shown at A. Petersen in the beginning of 2016, one of the cabinets from Knud and Henny’s kitchen was exhibited. And it seemed relevant to revisit the design: The cabinet offers flexible storage space and kitchenware, interior, clothes can be stored away or displayed as needed or preferred.

The cabinet is easily opened and closed, it can be fitted with hangers, shelves and drawers – it can serve a wide range of purposes. Just like the old travelers trunk standing upright and functioning like a wardrobe.

‘I find it amusing that the cabinets actually attracted a lot of attention from the older generation back then in the companies that had them installed. Just because they were slightly different in shape. We also used them in the drawing office’ says Knud, and continues:

‘But even though they were meant for office use, Henny and I have used the cabinets in the kitchen over the years and have been very fond of them for storing kitchen utensils and spices. I think it’s great that it’s now possible for others to enjoy the cabinet in their home.’

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