by Dan Svarth

AP. Serien

Frame in mahogany. Upholstery in vegetal tanned leather, hairlock, hemp webbings, cotton wadding, hemp fibers, hessian, stout.
W150 x D72 x H95 (seat height 38) cm.
Price on request.

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  • Dan Svarth

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Although the architect Dan Svarth has celebrated his 75th birthday, he still has a great passion for creating new furniture. Hence, little persuasion did it take, when we asked him to design a sofa for the AP. Serien. The scheme was to design a new sofa with its very own character, with the use of high-quality materials referring to the modernist classics. And not only did Dan present us with a distinguished design, it was also presented by way of a beautiful watercolor drawing and a meticulous 1:5 model – we were all set to go!

At the cabinetmaker workshop many hours were spend defining the curve of the base-frame to fit into the slant angle of the legs and uprights, and at the upholstery an effort was made to tighten the webbings.

But the great challenge was to fit the back-leather neatly onto the sofa in one single hide, without any seem in the middle, and without flattening the comfortable and supporting back-cushion curve. Dan’s son Jon Svarth, who is a skilled upholsterer, was helping out to have the first edition ready for June 2018.

The sofa base-frame is made in beech – a strong material, which is easy to work with. The sofa is just as attracting from the back as it is from the front with the narrow slightly curved legs and uprights. Besides the upholstery is done the traditional way in hairlock, cotton wadding, hemp webbings, and vegetal tanned leather that will take on a patina and only get more handsome over the years.

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