Wall Seat
by Ole Schjøll

AP. Serien

Foldable seat and back in beech, ash wood (black or greypainted) or amaranth (purpleheart).
W45 x D5/39,5 (folded/unfolded) x H55 cm.
Price on request.

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  • Ole Schjøll

When Ole Schjøll designed Wall Seat, he met a widespread need. With Wall Seat even small rooms can be installed with a seat. And at the same time be folded in order to optimize the use of the space. Wall Seat is a folding seat for the entrance, where shoes can be taken on and off. Or as the optional extra dining seat in the kitchen, to be collapsed when the meal ends. It’s also suitable for the staircase, where the seat can be used for a pause during the ascent, of short as well as of long legs.

Wall Seat is a frame which is mounted directly on the wall. It appears as a horizontal lattice, when folded, forms a tight frame relief on the wall. An elegant structure in which the stainless steel brackets support and at the same time work as a fine counterpart to the wood.

Ole Schjøll worked for many years on the idea of a foldable wall seat. It was a task that required many considerations on practical solutions and sophisticated constructions. And, not least, demands for a refined aesthetic design. It turned into a whole series of proposals which were shown on The Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition (SE) over the years. Wall Seat became the crownpiece of Ole’s tenacious work on and development of the wall seat concept.

Ole Schjøll led the production of Wall Seat from his country house in Sweden. Originally trained cabinetmaker and constructing architect, he has always been able to test the furniture ideas directly. In 2017, A. Petersen took over the production and manufactures Wall Seat in beech, black and gray painted ash or in the purple wood amaranth (purpleheart).

Do you want to hear more about the Wall Seat?
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