15. December 2020
In a close collaboration with Tommerup Keramiske Værksted, artist Kirsten Justesen has brought 5 sunny yellow bowls to Kløvermarksvej 70

Filled with light and warmth, reminiscent of summer, sunrays and sunshine. SUN BOWLS by artist Kirsten Justesen are reminders of what was and what will certainly come again, even though we are right now in the middle of a dark Danish December.

The sun bowls are made as stoneware faience at Tommerup Keramiske Værksted and have been shaped by quenching. This means that the clay by hand is pressed down into a plaster mold, after which it has dried and has been bisqued. The bowls are then glazed with Kirsten’s very special sunny yellow colour at a lower firing temperature than porcelain. In this way, the bowls achieve the rich and dense glow.

In this video, filmed at Tommerup, you will see small glimpse of the making of the bowls. Maybe you know Kirsten Justesen most recently from DR’s program series about “Kunstnerkolonien i Skagen”, but Kirsten also has an impressive backlist and has for more than 50 years marked a very special position on the art scene.

Ever since the late 60’s, when she from various avant-garde environments wrestled with especially the traditional representations of women in art, Kirsten has developed a very distinctive track, where the base, body and language have been treated in all sorts of materials and expressions. Everything from clay, plaster, marble and ice blocks has been used in sculptures, installations, performances and artistic statements. She is considered a pioneer in the genre of ‘body-art’ and has often used her own body as a material.

With SUN BOWLS, she is back to the starting point – with the clay and the form – which initially back in time led Kirsten on the trail of her artistic work. And the yellow bowls have body – lots of body – and radiance and point forward, towards the light.

The sun bowls are created in an edition of 10 pieces, all moulded in the same plaster form, which has subsequently been destroyed.