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There is something really nice about getting up close – to the furniture, the makers, the production process. We create furniture with a focus on quality, craftsmanship and respect for professional expertise. Our products are designed and made in Denmark.

Furniture from A. Petersen is crafted with the intention to renew the Danish design tradition and carry it into the 21st century. Not in a grand or rapid way, for the sake of scale or tempo. But in a measured, serious way, for the sake of our current time as well as posterity, because furniture should last a lifetime, and hopefully even longer. A good piece of furniture only becomes more beautiful through time and use – a life lived leaves its mark in the materials.

Our furniture is made through love of the craft, developed in collaboration with the best designers and craftspeople we know and properly produced with respect for everyone whose hands and ideas were involved in shaping the furniture.

We use appropriate technological approaches to produce efficiently for the future, without abandoning our roots and the traditions of craftsmanship which have brought us here. We owe that to all those who have laid the foundation for Danish Design as well as to all the coming generations.

We live in a world in which resources need to be taken seriously and should be treated accordingly. Our way of acting responsibly as a furniture company is to insist on curiosity, durability, quality and proper production conditions. That leads to furniture with a conscience.

An example: in our ‘Modul’ furniture, designed by Chris L. Halstrøm, we use eelgrass as stuffing. It functions just as well as foam, it is a natural material, there is plenty of it, and it is close by – it’s actually lying around on most Danish beaches. The eelgrass is dried and shaped to the desired density. Its natural chemical composition means that mites and bacteria cannot thrive in the material. In the past, eelgrass was commonly used as mattress stuffing. That worked in the past, and it still works today.

From the outset, we have emphasized the value of getting up close. We continue to make that a priority. It makes good sense to focus on what’s at hand, even as we keep an eye on the future.

— The A. Petersen team