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A Wooden Chair (DS)

Solid and veneered Oregon pine. Oiled.

One day, there it was. In the middle of Dan Svarth’s living room. He did not say anything, probably because he wanted his guests to notice it without having it pointed out to them and to remark on its presence. ‘From time to time, we visit Dan and have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Then we go into the basement, into Dan’s workshop and studio, where all his furniture models are lined up side by side, and talk about furniture, about design, about Dan’s many years of work in the field. That day, we paused in the living room, where a beautiful wooden chair had been set out. I had never seen it in Dan’s house before, and my curiosity was sparked immediately,’ says Anders Petersen from A. Petersen. Dan opted for this subtle and understated way to present his wooden lounge chair one afternoon in Copenhagen. Anders liked what he saw. He thought it was a beautiful chair, and together, they set to work. The original prototype – made for and presented at the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition in 2001 – had to be scaled up in size by about 3% to achieve its proper form, according to Dan Svarth. After many adaptations, several trials and some long working days in the hands of cabinetmaker Gustav Sandegård in the workshop in A. Petersen’s premises on Raffinaderivej, here it is, in Oregon pine. With sweeping lines in the seat and back, characteristic, almost triangular rear legs and armrests that are an exquisite study in form.

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  • W: 59 cm, D: 78 cm, H: 79 cm
  • SEAT HEIGHT: 39 cm


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