Bench (TS)

Clamps made of acid-proof stainless steel, untreated Douglas fir plank. Other lengths and types of wood available (at a surcharge).

Furniture and graphic Torben Skov has designed a bench which consists simply of two foldable clamps holding a plank in place. With no need for assembly screws, this is a simple, easy and portable piece of furniture with multiple functions. As a seat, or as a coffee or side table. As a window sill in houses with large glass facades. As a bench on the terrace, in the garden or inside in the hallway. As a shelf for displaying products in a store, as a welcoming seat in a large hall or as a place to rest in a museum or gallery.

Torben Skov’s long career as a graphic designer is clearly reflected in his furniture. In its structure, the Bench is almost like lines drawn in the air. The horizontal wooden plank, the slanted load-bearing steel legs – both parts strict geometric compositions, which simultaneously pay homage to the architectural principle of the distinction between the bearing and the borne. The two vertical structures bearing the horizontal plane. In this piece of furniture, the tension from the plank and the weight of the person sitting, or the weight of the things placed on the Bench, help to lock the structure in place.

Clamps made by welder Mikkel Kjærholm, plank made in the workshop at Kløvermarksvej.


  • Length: 160/180/200 cm
  • Width: 45 cm (plank 24 cm)
  • Height: 40 cm (plank 4 cm)


Recommended retail price (incl. Danish VAT) from:
5.500 DKK

The collection

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Modul – Sofa / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
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Modul – Sofa / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Sofa / Dan Svarth (DS)
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Tool Boxes / Line Depping (LD)
Tool Boxes / Line Depping (LD)
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Wall Seat / Ole Schjøll (OS)

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