DKK 2.800,-

Åke Axelsson

‘Barnstolen’ was designed in 2007 for a kindergarten. The chair is light as well as durable and may resemble a tractor or an abstract animal. This series in special colours is produced at Åke’s own workshop in Engarn in the Stockholm archipelago. They are signed and stamped.

DKK 2.800,-
AP Box – Big
From DKK 600,-
AP Cushion
DKK 400,-
From DKK 725,-
AP Box – Small
From DKK 400,-
First Movers book
DKK 550,-
Colour Diaries book
DKK 400,-
Shades of Light book
DKK 525,-
Wood Chair
DKK 4.500,-
Carousel Jewel Box
DKK 800,-
Kirsten Sloth ceramics
From DKK 325,-
From DKK 60,-
Midtjyske Tæpper
DKK 3.200,-

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