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Cecilie Manz

Danish designer Cecilie Manz, has in collaboration with the Japanese interior design company ACTUS, developed a collection of tableware. It is named HIBITO and includes cutlery, glass and porcelain.

Everything is made in exquisite Japanese quality and craftsmanship, in a simple yet very functional design. It is a series of tableware that celebrates everyday life and which at the same time works very well in festive situations.

You can see a selection of the HIBITO collection in our showroom – just write us contact@apetersen.local to make an appointment.


  • Set of 2 wine / water / beer glasses 205 DKK
  • Cup 120 DKK
  • Mame (soya/bread plate 10,5 cm. ø) 120 DKK
  • Bowl 140 DKK
  • Dessert plate (14,5 cm. ø) 160 DKK
  • Breakfast plate (19,5 cm. ø) 230 DKK
  • Dinner plate (24,5 cm. ø) 360 DKK
  • Dinner knife 110 DKK
  • Dinner fork 85 DKK
  • Dinner spoon 85 DKK
  • Dessert fork 65 DKK
  • Dessert spoon 65 DKK
  • Tea spoon 60 DKK
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First Movers book
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From DKK 60,-

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