From DKK 850,-

Year: 2021

Ole Jensen

Waste sorting of return deposit bottles, glass for recycling, plastic, empty tin cans, cardboard and paper, too often becomes an unbelievably ugly and unmanageable sight. And there are still a lot of households which do not have the opportunity to store everything away, and then one must try to provide the problem an aesthetic value, says the designer Ole Jensen. The Sorting Sack is an attempt to give waste sorting an honest expression, without fine sensibilities for refined perfection.

The Sorting Sack is made in linen canvas and impregnated with carnauba wax, a little paraffin and a little linseed oil. This makes the sack flexible and self-supporting, but also less sensitive to grease, scratches and daily use in general. Like an oilskin jacket that has been patinated beforehand. If required, a thin compostable bag can be inserted into the sorting sack, just as it can be closed occasionally with an ordinary clothespin or two. The sorting sack can be left on the floor or hung on the wall, and when full, it is carried out or down and emptied into the larger waste sorting containers, or to the nearest deposit station.

If the sack in time becomes too unruly and loose, you can freshen up the impregnation with a hair dryer.

The Sorting Sack is not suitable for organic waste. In this case you must use the authorized solutions from the municipality and authorities.

The Sorting Sack is made in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Small height 40 cm, diameter 20 cm
Price: 850 DKK

Large height 50 cm, diameter 25 cm
Price: 950 DKK

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