The Showroom and workshops on Raffinaderivej

At our premises in Copenhagen, located Raffinaderivej 20, K2, we have a combined showroom+workshops space. We believe that this combination gives you the best insight in our development and production of our furniture designs. Our space is open by appointment, please write or call us +45 22338038.

Work in the upholstery workshop by upholsterer Jon Svarth ranges from the development of prototypes and the production of new pieces of furniture to the renovation of old furniture. Just as there is new furniture to develop, it is also meaningful to repair and reuse with respect for materials and resources.

When our cabinetmaker Gustav Sandegård is busy in the workshop, you are welcome to have a look and see the work. This gives you the opportunity to get up close in order to really understand the many procedures which all items of furniture must go through before they are finished and ready for use.

In the cabinetmakers workshop, timber is cut and made ready for new furniture models. All the templates for the many elements that make up the base frame of the Dan Svarth sofa hang on the wall.

More up close
April Coffee × A. Petersen
Knud Holscher – The last of the modernists

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