Lamp (PC)

Lampshade made of Tyvek, brass tube and white lamp cord

A napkin, gently picked up by two fingers and placed up above the table, where it has become a lampshade. A crumpled piece of paper with random creasing that gives rise to a play of light and shadows. Lamp, designed by architect Poul Christiansen, also has similarities with a tablecloth or a sheet of paper. The random character of the creasing is intentional. Poul Christiansen has worked with light and shadow in lamp design for many years. In contrast to his other, meticulously pleated lampshades, his idea of crumpling a lampshade has now turned into a lamp design for A. Petersen. In a comment on the lamp, Poul says, ‘All my life, I have had an interest in creasing and folding. The crease lines in a sheet of paper hold a three-dimensional shape that is revealed when the paper is folded. There is a direct connection between the crease pattern and the spatial form. This lamp is based on the idea of randomly creasing or crumpling paper. The form has become unpredictable and highlights the beauty of unpredictability. No two lamps are alike, and the form, which is accentuated by the light, can be changed, if you like.’ The lampshade is made of Tyvek, a strong, lightweight material that is easy to clean. It begins as a sheet of white Tyvek measuring 70 x 70 cm with a hole in the middle where the cord, encased in a  brass tube, is pushed through after crumpling. Once the interior components of the lamp have been assembled, the shade is crumpled, and the lamp is vacuum-packed to preserve the creases. When you unpack the lamp, you may choose to add creasing, bend the edges or simply leave it as it is.

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  • Height (lamp): 50 cm
  • Width (lamp): 35–50 cm
  • Length (cord): 400 cm

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