Stool (OS)

Leg frame in moulded untreated ash, wickerwork seat, natural leather straps.

One day, architect Ole Schjøll showed up at A. Petersen with a stool and a stack of drawings of it under his arm. He wondered if it might be developed and perhaps put into production?

The idea for the Stool dated back to Ole Schjøll’s time at the Royal Danish Academy – School of Architecture, where he designed and made a mock-up. Since then, the model has been part of the furniture collection at the Academy. But now, it has been further developed and put into production.

The Stool combines traditional wickerwork, performed at Bruun Olsen Flet in Hillerød, with modern technology. The skeleton of the woven seat is made up of 16 laser-cut parts, which are combined into a threedimensional puzzle. The skeleton stabilizes the woven seat and results in a strong cushion-like seat that gives the Stool a long lifespan. The three-legged frame is produced at Hudevad on the island of Funen, and the Stool is assembled in the workshop on Kløvermarksvej.

Thus, a design idea has evolved over time and become a beautiful, functional and highly durable stool, developed and produced with respect for a traditional craft in tandem with the new possibilities of technology.


  • Length: 66 cm
  • Width: 66 cm
  • Height: 38 cm


Recommended retail price (incl. Danish VAT) :
14.000 DKK

The collection

Modul – Set / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Bookkeeper / Dan Svarth (DS)
Modul – Chair / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Rocking Chair / Dan Svarth (DS)
Roller Cabinet / Knud Holscher (KH)
Bench / Torben Skov (TS)
Chair / Knud Holscher & Ejnar Pedersen (KHEP)
Stool / Ole Schjøll (OS)
Dining Table / Ole Schjøll (OS)
Hanger / Jakob Jørgensen (JJ)
Hanger / Jakob Jørgensen (JJ)
Modul – Sofa / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Modul – Sofa / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Roller Cabinet / Knud Holscher (KH)
Modul – Sofa / Chris L. Halstrøm (CLH)
Sofa / Dan Svarth (DS)
Table / Dan Svarth (DS)
Tool Boxes / Line Depping (LD)
Tool Boxes / Line Depping (LD)
Wall Seat / Ole Schjøll (OS)
Wall Seat / Ole Schjøll (OS)

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