Colour Days – opening

12. March 2019 |

You are invited to join the opening of Colour Days 21 March 5pm-7pm at Kløvermarksvej 70 – we hope to see you! It’s all about colour: Fashion designer Mads Nørgaard, ceramist Morten Løbner Espersen, colour and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard, architect-design studio Vandkunsten, textile designer and fabric printer Anne Fabricius Møller and artist and designer Eske […]

Colour Days

9. March 2019 |

Welcome to the exhibition Colour Days and its six participants: Fashion designer Mads Nørgaard, ceramist Morten Løbner Espersen, colour and textile designer Margrethe Odgaard, the architectural studio Vandkunsten, textile designer and fabric printer Anne Fabricius Møller and artist and designer Eske Rex. With considerations, concrete products and objects from all these six perspectives, the exhibition […]

Ida and the glass helmet

6. February 2019 |

Kabuto is the Japanese word for helmet. And it’s precisely a helmet Ida Wieth exhibits in the Japan Retur-exhibition – one in glass and copper – inspired by the Japanese samurai suit. Sunday February 24, at 3PM, Ida will tell about the process and the idea behind her project – Kabuto – and about the […]

Sky, Maj and the socks

16. January 2019 |

Textile designer Sky Lucy Young contributes to the Japan Retur exhibition with Project Socks – a project that started as a study of the Japanese practical as well as cultural relationship with footwear and the Japanese stockings, tabi, in which the big toe is separated from the other toes. However, the project, which was a […]

Maria and the rope of glass


In Japan, Maria Koshenkova was able to produce new works of art and do research in collaboration with four Japanese artists: Professor and artist Masahiro Sasaki, video artist Izuru Mizutanio, photographer Yoshiaki Kita and renowned bondage artist Nawashi Go Arizue. The work title of the project – on display in the Japan Retur exhibition – […]

Rosa and the weave

14. December 2018 |

From January 25 through 28 you are welcome to take part in weaving workshops arranged by textile designer Rosa Tolnov Clausen, as part of the “Export / Import” series, originally developed and held by Rosa in 2017 at the 21st Century Museum of Contempoary Art, Kanazawa in Japan. The workshop consists of four hours of […]

Henrik Vibskov and “Most innovative gløgg of 2018”

7. December 2018 |

Are you looking for a very special Christmas present this year? On Wednesday, December 12, at 5 – 7PM, Henrik Vibskov visits our shop at Kløvermarksvej 70, signing “Japan Plates” for you who look for a special personalized Christmas gift. A tantalising plate or dish which brings you into the amacing Vibskov universe. If you […]

Sing Tehus visits A. Petersen

23. November 2018 |

Tea is one of the cornerstones of Japanese culture, and the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which goes back several hundred years, contains a complexity that it takes many years of study to learn. Mette Marie Kjær opened the Sing Tehus on November 17, 2006. With a background as a visual artist, it was the artistic […]

Yuko, Johna and the loom

8. November 2018 |

The contribution by Yuko Yokota and Johna Hansen – a very long loom – for the exhibition ‘Japan Return’ is for most of the exhibition period taking part as a stationary object. With the exception of the period November 21 to December 2. During these two weeks, the loom comes alive and unfolds as a […]

Anne and the Japanese wallpaper

3. October 2018 |

A rare and expensive Japanese wallpaper was rediscovered in 2016 in the center of Copenhagen at Kongens Nytorv. The location of the property reflects that a wealthy citizen lived here, in this case the famous art patron and Tobacco producer Bernhard Hirschprung. The property has subsequently been named Brønnums Hus, after a later owner. The […]

Japan Retur – opening

27. September 2018 |

We invite you to the opening of the exhibition Thursday October 4 at 5-7 PM here at Kløvermarksvej 70 – and we hope to see you! In the exhibition we show more than 40 projects by Danish craftsmen and designers. They have all been preoccupied with Japanese culture and specifically crafts, ceramics, glass art, design […]

Marie and Ex-formation

23. September 2018 |

This evening offers an introduction to the internationally renowned designer whose name has become synonymous with the changing face of modern Japanese design – Kenya Hara – and especially an insight into his work with the concept of Ex-formation. Ex-formation explains how little we really know and thus becomes a new starting point for design: […]

Japan Retur

20. September 2018 |

Welcome to the ”Japan Retur”-exhibition. We will show experiments as well as play with materials, skills and new experiences, collaborations and individual works. In the short videos below, you can meet the participants in the exhibition, telling about their projects (in Danish). They will elaborate on the techniques as well as the ideas behind. The […]

Designtalk on shrinking cracks

6. September 2018 |

Stop by and join a design talk at A. Petersen on Thursday, September 13 at 5 PM to get new perspectives on wood and cracks due to shrinkage. Here, designer Anne Brandhøj, in dialogue with designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm and ranger Stephan Springborg, will discuss the aesthetic and sustainable potentials of the wood, but also […]

Takahito Nakajima and his wood turned bowls

13. August 2018 |

The Japanese wood-turner Takehito Nakajima visits A. Petersen at Kløvermarksvej Friday November 30.and Saturday December 1. Takehito Nakajima (born 1969) is wood-turner as well as master in the the hard Japanese urushi technique – a traditional laquering technique, going back hundreds of years. Right now, Takehito is current in relation to the exhibition ‘Japan Retur’, […]

Louise, Anni, Aya and a 3-in-1 notebook

31. July 2018 |

Meet the Japanese bookbinder Aya Nagaoka in a workshop where you can make your own notebook. The paper is from the Japanese paper distributor Takeo, and the design of the 3-in-1 notebook is Aya’s own. You can use the notebook for: one block for meetings, one for to-do list and one for private notes. Or […]

First Movers

22. June 2018 |

We invite you to join our exhibition taking you through 5.000 years of furniture history. A journey through time, back from the old pharaohs and up until today. In the midst of golden beds, majestic thrones, ordinary stools, and three-legged tables, you can follow the connecting threads between the ancient furniture and the modern furniture. […]

Exhibition opening – First Movers

1. June 2018 |

Thursday, June 14 at 5-7 PM, we invite you to the opening of the exhibition “First Movers” – displaying more than 100 models in scale 1:5 of furniture types, that are more than 5000 years old, made by the Danish architect and cabinetmaker Dan Svarth. With lion feet as well as painted pictures of the […]

Tasting colors

2. May 2018 |

Textile- and color designer Margrethe Odgaard is unique in her field. In her work that include registration of colors across continents and a tireless search for connections and opposites, she creates colour compositions that thrills and fascinates. Margrethe puts it this way: ” I observe and exercise in noticing my surroundings. This I do on […]

Talk in the exhibition with Depping&Jørgensen

2. April 2018 |

Stop by Kløvermarksvej 70 this Saturday, April 7th, at 11AM where Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen will give a tour in the exhibition and tell about selected works. Together Line and Jakob have made Black Chair which is on display in the exhibition and they will share the reflections and thoughts made during the design […]

Talk with Helle Vibeke Jensen about Froth on the Daydream

16. March 2018 |

Designer Helle Vibeke Jensen has made 68 illustrated chapters for the book “Dagenes Skum” by the French author Boris Vian. Wednesday, 21 March at 4:30 PM at Kløvermarksvej 70, Helle Vibeke tells about the creation of the chapters and at the same time demonstrates some of the techniques she has used in the process – […]

Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen

28. February 2018 |

Dive into working methods, material considerations and inspirational objects, when the four designers Chris L. Halstrøm, Margrethe Odgaard, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen unfold both design processes and finished works at the exhibition that fills the entire first floor at Kløvermarksvej 70. The four designers Chris L. Halstrøm, Margrethe Odgaard, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen […]

Exhibition opening: Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen

10. February 2018 |

Thursday, February 22nd from 5-7 pm, we invite you to the opening of our first exhibition in 2018: “Halstrøm, Odgaard, Depping, Jørgensen”. The four designers Chris L. Halstrøm, Margrethe Odgaard, Line Depping and Jakob Jørgensen show at the exhibition – in addition to working methods and material considerations – selected finished works. For the exhibition opening […]

The stories of Midtjyske Tæpper

24. January 2018 |

Danish weaver Anne Mette Larsen has captured tales in Midtjylland and transformed them into woven blankets. A total of four sites have been transformed into 8 blankets, woven in Norway of Norwegian wool at the weaving mill Røros Tweed. In addition, Anne Mette Larsen has created one blanket that summarizes the whole idea behind the […]

Talk – Lars Vejen and Design Collaborations

7. January 2018 |

Following the current exhibition “Design Collaborations” at A. Petersen, we invite you to a design talk, where Lars Vejen will tell about his first meeting with Japan and the Japanese, when he lived and worked in Kyoto as an architectural student in 1995. He will also give a thorough introduction to the current exhibition at […]

Exhibition opening – Design Collaborations

14. November 2017 |

Lars Vejen has worked extensively with Danish as well as Japanese artisans, craftsmen, workshops and design companies. All projects will be exhibited from the beginning of November until the beginning of December at the Kyoto Museum of Traditional Craft. The same works will be displayed here at A. Petersen from December 8th until February 11th. […]

Opening of exhibition – Kitani

28. October 2017 |

Friday, October 6th. 5-7 pm, we invite you to fernisage of the next part of our Japanese exhibitions. Here we show Danish furniture design classics by Finn Juhl, Ib Kofod-Larsen and Nanna Ditzel, manufactured by the Japanese furniture company Kitani. Besides the passionate cultivation of the craftsmanship and the fascination of Danish furniture, Kitani is […]

Japan, Japan, Japan


In 2017 we celebrate 150 years of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan with a number of activities – both in Denmark and Japan. Along this we participate in an overall focus on relationships, inspirations and collaborations across crafts and design in Denmark and Japan. As part of this focus, we show three major Japanese […]

Knud Holscher in Paris

23. December 2016 |

L’exposition KNUD HOLSCHER – DESIGN AU QUOTIDIEN a été présentée pour la première fois à Copenhague dans la galerie A. Petersen Collection & Craft en février et mars 2016. L’exposition telle que présentée actuellement à la Maison du Danemark est une collaboration entre A. Petersen Collection & Craft et la Maison du Danemark. Tout comme l’un […]

Skud på Stammen 2016

23. October 2016 |

The 15 furniture designs in characteristic Danish beech wood is simple but very different. Each of them tells a story about collaborations between an established designer and a cabinetmaker: About the art of design, respect for the material and refinement of the processing. The Skud på Stammen-exhibition is the culmination of an annual project in […]

Knud Holscher – Design for everyday life

23. February 2016 |

Knud Holscher’s work is a milestone and as a designer he is a living legend. Therefore, the 87-year-old designer is the point of departure on a large exhibition at the gallery A. Petersen in Copenhagen, which opens January 29th. Holscher has been indicative in his field for over 50 years and is also one of […]

Eiri Iwakura

28. September 2015 |

Eiri Iwakura is unique on the Japanese design scene. Not only has he been active forty years as a furniture designer and won a lot of awards, he has also helped to launch more Japanese design brands based on sustainable principles of quality and production. Now the Japanese pioneer comes to Copenhagen and exhibits at […]

Poul Kjærholm & Krestine Kjærholm and Japan

28. February 2015 |

The straight and clean lines. The cool and functional style. The elegant twist. For decades, Japanese and Scandinavian designers and furniture artists have inspired each other. From February 6th to 28th, A. Petersen and Ayanomimi focus on two Kjærholm-generations and the relationship between Japanese and Danish furniture art. During the 3 weeks you will be […]