Yuko, Johna and the loom

2. December 2018 Yuko, Johna and the loom

The contribution by Yuko Yokota and Johna Hansen – a very long loom – for the exhibition ‘Japan Return’ is for most of the exhibition period taking part as a stationary object. With the exception of the period November 21 to December 2. During these two weeks, the loom comes alive and unfolds as a performance, which you can follow in the opening hours of the exhibition.

Yuko Yokota, born 1983 in Japan, is a trained textile artist, specialized in weaving, from the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, the Faculty of Arts and Crafts. Johna Hansen, born 1982 in Sweden, graduated as architect from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and Tohoku University of Art and Design.

The object R / LOOM is a giant loom, almost eight meters long, two meters wide and almost three meters high. The name R / LOOM is a play with the artists’ working fields of architecture (ROOM) and weaving (LOOM). The purpose of the project is to investigate a symbiosis between these two fields: The loom has become a space, and through a repeated interaction between Yuko and Johna and the loom – a performance – a new architectural element, the textile, and a new spatiality are created.

For the exhibition ‘Japan Return’, R / LOOM is adapted to the particular exhibition and room at the first floor of Kløvermarksvej 70. The wooden structure is unchanged from previous set-ups of the loom, but the yarn and textile that are created and the way it evolves in the room is specifically intended for this occasion. Unlike previous settings, where Yuko and Johna worked on the subject of light, they here focus on shadow. They weave with recycled fabric and jute yarn.

Yuko and Johna have made a publication that accompanies the R / LOOM project, and is available at the exhibition from November 21.