Louise, Anni, Aya and a 3-in-1 notebook

8. February 2019 Louise, Anni, Aya and a 3-in-1 notebook

Meet the Japanese bookbinder Aya Nagaoka in a workshop where you can make your own notebook.
The paper is from the Japanese paper distributor Takeo, and the design of the 3-in-1 notebook is Aya’s own.
You can use the notebook for: one block for meetings, one for to-do list and one for private notes. Or as a travel journal: one pad used for the itinerary, one for notes of experiences along the way and one pad to outline your journey.

The workshop is initiated by Louise Hold Sidenius and Anni Vestergaard.

Registration on email: kari@apetersen.dk
Remember to write your name, phone number and the date you would like to attend – either Friday, February 8, 4-7 PM or Saturday, February 9, 11AM-2 PM. Please note: We are all booked!
Price: 400 kr.