Poul Kjærholm & Krestine Kjærholm and Japan

Poul Kjærholm & Krestine Kjærholm og Japan
Februar 6 - February 28 2015

The straight and clean lines. The cool and functional style. The elegant twist. For decades, Japanese and Scandinavian designers and furniture artists have inspired each other. From February 6th to 28th, A. Petersen and Ayanomimi focus on two Kjærholm-generations and the relationship between Japanese and Danish furniture art.

During the 3 weeks you will be invited to explore Poul and Krestine Kjærholm’s design and furniture art, and on 3 Fridays there will be evening events and presentations of the exhibition. Scheduled is Master and Dr. phil. in Art History Mirjam Gelfer-Jørgensen, who talks about her latest book “Japanism in Danish”, Aya Okamura from Ayanomimi, who reports on the relationship between Danish and Japanese design in a contemporary perspective, as well as Krestine Kjærholm giving a tour in the exhibition.

Poul Kjærholm balanced perfection between the sculptural and the functional in his furniture. Today his daughter Krestine has continued the legacy, among other things with her carefully woven carpets. Both the lines of the father and the Japanese traditions are obvious in the beautiful works that pinpoint and renew Poul Kjærholm’s furniture in an elegant and modern way.

A. Petersen exhibits a wide selection of Poul Kjærholm’s classics, a selection of his rare furniture and a series of Krestine Kjærholm’s textile works. Several of Poul and Krestine Kjærholm’s furniture and designs will be on sale during the exhibition.

Poul Kjærholm, PK9, 1960

Krestine Kjærholm, KK Zen Have Rød