Skud på Stammen 2016

Skud på Stammen 2016
October 7th - December 18th, 2016

The 15 furniture designs in characteristic Danish beech wood is simple but very different. Each of them tells a story about collaborations between an established designer and a cabinetmaker: About the art of design, respect for the material and refinement of the processing.

The Skud på Stammen-exhibition is the culmination of an annual project in which cabinetmakers and designers collaborate to create prototypes of new furniture designs at the NEXT cabinetmaker school. For years, Skud på stammen has challenged and developed the Danish tradition of furniture design. The purpose has always been to show that the cooperation between crafts and design leads to innovative results.

As something new this year, instead of just showing a prototype, focus has been on real production and considerations about sale-setup been included in the concept: Selected prototypes will be launched in a smaller series production and will be auctioned at the beginning of 2017 at Bruun Rasmussen Auctions. As an extra feature FDB Møbler offers coaching and consulting for a selection of participating designers and cabinetmakers, and also puts some furniture into production. The surplus from the auction goes to a grant supporting future collaborations between designers, cabinetmakers and furniture manufacturers.


Skud på Stammen opens Thursday, October 6th, at 5-7 pm. The exhibition is opened by Minister of Culture Bertel Haarder. Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday 12-6 pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm. Last day Sunday December 18th. Free admittance.

For the exhibition, a catalog is published with a preface by journalist Lars Hedebo in conversation with designer Kasper Salto and gallery owner Anders Petersen, A. Petersen Collection & Craft.


Cabinetmaker Education and School Practice Center NEXT – Education Copenhagen.
FDB Møbler.
Bruun Rasmussen Auctions.

The exhibition has been supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.