Midtjyske Tæpper – blankets with stories

24. January 2018
Danish weaver Anne Mette Larsen shows the project Midtjyske Tæpper at Kløvermarksvej 70.

Six men, six beers and six blankets.
If the walls at the Silkeborg Bathhouse could speak …

Weaver Anne Mette Larsen has captured tales in Midtjylland and transformed them into woven blankets. However, not stories about men and beer, but about Tinnet Krat and buildings from center of Jutland such as Badeanstalten.

A total of four sites have been transformed into 8 blankets, woven in Norway of Norwegian wool at the weaving mill Røros Tweed. In addition, Anne Mette Larsen has created one blanket that summarizes the whole idea behind the construction of Midtjyske Tæpper.

The story about Midtjyske Tæpper, texts about the four locations and buildings in central Jutland and Anne Mette’s motivations to get started with the entire project are gathered in a book that you can buy together with the blankets at A. Petersen from February 1st.

Photos: Ole Akhøj