Poet’s Book Hanger
by Jakob Jørgensen

AP. Serien

Rack in oak and stainless steel.
Bookmarks (8 pcs) and shelf.
L150 x W29 x H10 cm.
Price on request.

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contact@apetersen.dk or +45 2233 8038

  • Jakob Jørgensen

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The sophisticated wall unit piece Poet’s Book Hanger, designed by Jakob Jørgensen, is an example of a contemporary magazine rack in the AP. Serien. The designs by Jakob are known to be complicated constructions in disguise of a simple look. The appearance of the design can be completely changed, is flexible and bound to the practical use. If you dig into the details, thorough technical constructions unfold, composed by multiple precisely made cabinetmaker parts.

Poet’s Book Hanger consists of 10 individual parts, and bookmarks and shelf are designed to display the most important objects. The back-panel in stainless steel is water jet cutted at Ishøj Flammeskæreri and satin brushed at Gladsaxe Metalsliberi. It appears as a discrete contrast against the two wooden panels and arranged in a way where bookmarks and shelf interlocks perfectly without any screws or other joints. The woodwork in oak is made at A. Petersen’s own cabinetmaker workshop, where all parts are trimmed and sanded in order to make every curve and contour tight and uniform.

Do you want to hear more about Poet’s Book Hanger?
Contact A. Petersen via email anders@apetersen.dk or by telephone +45 2233 8038

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