Kirsten Sloth ceramics

From DKK 325,-

Kirsten Sloth

Kirsten Sloth, a graduate of the Jutland Academy of Fine Arts in 1972-1975, works primarily with the traditional utility ceramics such as low-jars, bowls, mugs and teapots. She works in high-burned red clay from South-West Jutland, as she herself proces. Her focus is studies on variations with decorations, which she combines with great care and craftsmanship.

The ceramics by Kirsten Sloth are unique, and the in the shop at Kløvermarksvej, you can see a curated selection.

AP Box – Big
From DKK 600,-
AP Cushion
DKK 400,-
From DKK 725,-
AP Box – Small
From DKK 400,-
First Movers book
DKK 550,-
Colour Diaries book
DKK 400,-
Shades of Light book
DKK 525,-
Carousel Jewel Box
DKK 850,-
Kirsten Sloth ceramics
From DKK 325,-
From DKK 60,-
Midtjyske Tæpper
DKK 3.200,-

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