Tomoyuki Matsuoka

14. June 2017
Exhibition with the Japanese furniture designer Tomoyuki Matsuoka.

On Thursday, May 4, we opened the new exhibition with furniture design by the Japanese architect Tomoyuki Matsuoka. For Matsuoka it is important that furniture is both functional but also sensual. That the furniture speaks to the body and that the body is attracted to the furniture:”Functionality and simplicity should be self-evident for good design, but furniture must also be sensual and attractive and awake feelings,” says Tomoyuki Matsuoka.

Matsuoka is a representative of a younger generation of Japanese furniture designers and for a global exchange tradition, where impressions and influences are expressed in the final works. Matsuoka has, besides studies in Japan, studied at the School of Architecture and Design in Copenhagen.

His interest in Denmark derives from an early fascination for especially Poul Kjærholm’s furniture architecture, which he first encountered as a design student in Tokyo in the early 1990s. From this, his interest in Danish and Scandinavian design traditions grew. The simple design focusing on function, coupled with the bodily and sculptural design of the Nordic designers, is a great source of inspiration. This, added to Japanese thoroughness, carefulness and material knowledge is crucial to Matsuoka’s work.

The furniture series Tapered, created for the furniture manufacturer Takumi Kohgei, situated in Hokkaido in northern Japan, is on display in the exhibition. The Tapered series consists of chairs and stools with and without upholstery in different color combinations. We show a selection of furniture series, including a deconstructed chair in a set-up that turns everything upside down.