Japanese craftsmen on show

15. March 2017
In the exhibition right now: 14 Japanese craftsmen - and Danish designers and craftsmen.

In cooperation with the Japanese design agency Wise Wise, representing about 600 Japanese artisans, we have chosen 14, who all master different craft techniques.

We show works by the following Japanese craftsmen:

by Akito Akagi (from Wajima in Ishikawa)

wood-turned tea bins
by Gato Mikio Shoten (from Yamanaka in Ishikawa)

Paper lamps
by Taniguchi Aoya Washi (from Tottori in Tottori)

by Shingo Oka (from Karatsu in Saga)

by Yoshitaka Sakamoto (from Hita in Oita)

Bamboo wicker works
by Takayuki Shimizu (from Beppu in Oita)

Small (turned) bins in wood
by Toshimasa Kawamura (from Gifu in Gifu)

Wood barrels, among others for food storage
by Eifu Kawamata (from Tokyo)

by Edo Kibashi Daikokuya (from Tokyo)

by Toru Kaneko (from Tokyo)

Printed textiles
by Mitsuko Ogura (from Tokyo)

Iron ware
by Hisao Iwashimizu (from Morioka in Iwate)

Woven fabrics
by Kokura Creation (from Kitakyushu in Fukuoka)

by Shinobu Sasaki (from Yokohama in Kanagawa)


We also show works by Danish craftsmen and designers who either interact with Japan or are Japanese inspired: Fashion designer Jan Machenhauer, Kirsten Sloth, Ceramic Designer Tora Urup and Architect Poul Kjærholm, as well as works by visual artist Tine Holscher.

In our store, we sell items made by some of the exhibited Japanese craftsmen, as well as products from other Wise Wise craftsmen and workshops.

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