by Knud Holscher & Ejnar Pedersen

AP. Serien

Red, black and grey painted ash wood
and braided wicker.
L54 x D56 x H84 (seat height 44) cm.
Price on request.

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  • Knud Holscher

  • Ejnar Pedersen

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Knud and Ejnar have known each other for years. They are old friends and coworkers. But they do not always agree. Recently it is the case of a chair that has travelled through the minds and the hands of both: As an idea, as drawing and finally in Ejnar’s workshop where the chair has been scrutinized and analyzed, discussed and adjusted to the point where the two gentlemen agree. Somewhat agree. Because everything always have room for improvement.

The friendship of Knud Holscher and Ejnar Pedersen goes back many years. Knud was friends with Hanne Kjærholm and when Ejnar and Hanne became a couple, a warm friendship was formed between Knud and Ejnar. Over the years the friendship has led to deep conversations about their shared profession, travels and also a couple of collaborative projects. During the planning of the exhibition “Knud Holscher – Design for everyday life”, the idea of a new project emerged.

In 1953, Ejnar Pedersen and his brother Lars Pedersen founded PP Møbler, a cabinetmaker workshop that played a significant part in the production of furniture by Hans J. Wegner as well as other great Danish designers of the day. PP Møbler has since become well known for being one of the few remaining Danish furniture manufacturers that still has high quality woodwork as the base of the company.

Knud Holscher was 85 and Ejnar Pedersen 93 years old when the idea for “the second last chair” emerged. Gallery owner Anders Petersen initially teased both of them with the idea of a “last” chair. The two gentlemen wouldn’t accept it, and decided that the chair of course was “the second last chair”. Then there is room for at least one more.

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