First Movers book

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Size: 32,5 x 25 cm

Are you curious about Egyptian furniture making from the age of the Pharaohs, or maybe like to revisit the incredibly fine furniture models from the exhibition ‘First Movers’, you now have plenty of opportunity.

With the title ‘First Movers – Egyptian Furniture Making in the Age of the Pharaohs’, we have, in collaboration with architect Dan Svarth, published an updated version of his book from 1998. At that time he had completed about 35 models which were included as illustrations in the book. Since then, Dan Svarth has created more than 100 models in scale 1:5 of the furniture findings from the Egyptian king’s tombs. 100 of these are now photographed and appear as important documentation in Dan Svarths’s great work on and mapping of the Egyptian furniture making, which you can discover in ‘First Movers’.

The book is in Danish and English.

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First Movers book
DKK 550,-

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